"Prehistory" may be defined as the period prior to
written records
The landmark known as stonehenge is located in
which iron age sea-faring people created a non-pictographic alphabet?
The name Zoroaster is associated primarily with the history of
Hammurabi's Code is significant chiefly because it
is unusually comprehensive and extensive
In Hindiuism, the Absolute Spirit is known as
The earliest discovered inscribed clay tablets come from
Research in the origins of writing suggest that written signs derived from
markings on clay tokens
The landmark known as the Book of the Dead is
a set of Egyptian funerary prayers
Which of the following statements about the Epic of Gilgamesh is most accurate
it was passed down orally for centuries
The world's oldest clay vessels appear to have come from
Jade artifacts, especially in the form of circular discs are primarily associated with ancient
One of the earliest landmarks of Paleolithic culture is
The first civilizations appeared
on the banks of rivers
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are located in present day
The term Paleolithic is used interchangeably with the term
Old Stone Age
The Great Temple at Karnak was
dedicated to the sun-god Amon-Ra
Hammurabi was the ruler of
The Egyptian pyramids functioned primarily as
Zhou rebels justified their rebellion against the Shang dynasty on the basis of
the Mandate of Heaven
Taking its name from the term for "sacred knowledge" which hindu literature teaches worship through prayer and sacrifice?
Akhentaten is associated with what religion or religious view?
The first literary epic developed in
Alexander carried Hellenic Culture as far east as
In the Republic, plato argues that ________ should govern.
Which of the following orders is NOT a program of ancient Greek architectural design?
The word "marathon" derives from
news of Greek military victory over the persians
A landmark of the Hellenistic Age is the
Apollo Belvedere
In Golden Age Athens, laws were made by
male landowners
The so-called "Heroic Age" refers to the era that produced
the Greek epics
The name Herodotus is associated with the birth of
historical-record keeping
The thinker who advanced the idea that reality lay in numerical proportion was
Dramatic festivals were held in Athens
twice a year
Aristotle's landmark contributions include all of the following EXCEPT
the invention of the dialectical method
Minoan and Mycenacan civilizations arose in
the Aegan Sea
The Parthenon is dedicated to
The origins of Greek Drama are probably found in
religious celebrations
Athens' Golden Age flowered shortly after the
Persian Wars
The unfree laborers in Sparta were called
The word "Hellenic" means
The two great epics of the Greeks, the Iliad and the Odyssey, feature
the heroes of the Trojan War
Which of the following schools of thought was NOT developed in the Hellenistic Age?
A series of arches placed back to back produce
a barrel vault
Which of the following landmarks commemorated Roman military victories?
Trajan's Column
The punic Wars were waged between Rome and
In contrast with Rome, imperial China under the Qin and Han left no landmark
epic poems
The geo of Virgil's Aeneid is a native of
Roman portraits were
typically more realistic than Greek sculptures
Which Romas poet's roque The Art of Love led Octavian to send him into exile?
The civil and military authority of Rome was known as the
The Pantheon was dedicated to
the planetary deities
The immediate consequence of the assassination of Julius Caesar was
a struggle for power between his first lieutenant and his adopted son
The life-sized figures found in the tomb of the first emperor of the Qin dynasty are made of
Juvenal was Romes
most famous satirist
Roman artists used the technique later known as tromp l'oeil in order to
trick the eye into perceiving depth on a flat surface
There wis little surviving evidence with which to judge Romes accomplishments in the field of
Catullus dedicated some of his poems to a woman he called Lesbia, a not to the influence of which poet on his work?
Which of the following peoples had the LEAST direct influence on the development of Roman culture?
the Hitties
Which of the following statements best captures Seneca's Stoic philosophy?
"Work to achieve peace of mind"
Romans innovated the use of which building material, which made large-scale architectural constructions much cheaper to build?
Roman baths typically centered on a rectangular colonnaded hall known as
a basilica
The powerful landowners of ancient Rome were known as
After their Exodus from Egypt, the Hebrews retook Canaan by defeating the
The greatest architectural landmark of the Byzantine Constantinople was
Hagia Sophia
An integral aspect of Hebrew monotheism is the theme of
a covenant between human beings and God
A basic element in the arts of islam is
Arabic calligraphy
Which of the following statements about the pre-Christian cult of Mithra is False?
Membership in the cult of Mithra was dominated by women
Which of the following four religions is not generally regarded as one based on divine revalation
The first five books of the Hebrew Bible are known as the
The Latin Church father who wrote the City of God is
In early Christian artistic tradition, which apostle was depicted as a lion?
The hebrew claim the Canaan begins with the bibical story of
The goal of the Buddhist is
escape form rebirth
The obligatory Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca is known as the
Paul helped transform Christianity into a major religion by
preaching to the Gentiles
Which cultural landmark was attributed to King David
the psalms
The Christian calendar, which dates form the birth of jesus was formulated by
a sixth century abbot
Christianity was legalized by
the Edict of Milan
The north/south arms of the early Christian church are called the
In the Muslim faith, the world Allah means
The holy city of _______ is the birthplace of Mohammed, the destination of the Muslim pilgrimage, and the site of the sacred stone known as the Kaaba.
One landmark of early Budhist culture is the
stupa at Sanchi
Which of the following themes or images would have been least likely to appear in Christian art before the fifth century?
The crucifixion of Jesus
The earliest of the Gospels was written
at least forty years after the death of Jesus.
Which of the following was not essential to the medical synthesis?
Chinese culture
The landmark literature of the Germanic tribes took the form of
The battle of Adrianople was a landmark event that
opened the door to the Germanic invasion of the West.
The landmark event known as the Battle of Hastings is famously recorded in
The Bayeux Tapestry
The interlace designs of the book of Kells are most similar to the patters
on metalwork artifacts from Germanic graves
Among the most numerous and impressive landmarks of the Carolingian renaissance were
illuminated manuscripts in more legible script
The carolingian renaissance depended greatly on
benedictine monastaries
An important center of learning in Charlemagnes time was the palace-school at
The first novel in world history was written by
Murasaki Shikibu
Japanese samurai abided by a warrior code known as
Medieval feudalism in Europe
involved that exchange of land for military service
The medieval feudalism in europe
involved the exchange of land for military service
The medieval surf was
an unfree rural laborer
Games of combat imitating medieval warfare were called
The Bayeux Tapestry recorded which historical event
the Norman conquest of England
The primary subject of chanson de geste was
heroic deeds
Which of the following statements about 12th century troubadours is FALSE?
they were usually of lowly birth
The tradition of courtly love
shaped modern concepts of gender
Medieval music-drama originated with the
embellishment of the mass
The intellectual elite Tang and Song China were deeply influenced by
Confucian traditions
The Tang and Song eras were a Golden Age of
landscape painting
Which of the following was NOT among the landmarks of Tang and Song China
the creation of a simplified Chinese writing system
The interdict and excommunication were methods by which
the Church maintained its authority
The sacraments by which medieval Christians hoped to receive the grace of God
were codified by an early 13th century church council
According to the medieval Catholic teachings, what was the intermediate realm where Christians were punished for the repented sins that had not been expiated before their deaths?
Christendom refers to the
christian community of the middle ages
The most important of the seven sacraments and central ritual of the mass is
the Eucharist
According to Hildegard, the visions that she recorded in Scivas came to her from
a voice from heaven
Saint Francis differed form the monastics that preceded him because he
rejected a cloistered life
which of the following statements about medieval towns is False
by the twelfth century, the majority of Europeans lived in towns
Know the Ways of the Lord, also known as Scivas , is a treatise written by
Hildegard on Bingen
The popular medieval drama everyman is an example of a
mortality play
The protagonist of the medieval drama Everyman discovers that his only hope for salvation rests with good works and
the grace of god