During the Hellenic Age, a dominant feature of Greek society was
Instability within each polis
One of the ideals the Greeks strived for was a
Balance or moderation in life
To the Greeks, which two gods manifested the extremes of moderation and excess
Apollo and Dionysus
In a famous speech, Picles boasted that Athens
Was the model for Greece
Why was Athens unable to win the war of attrition against Sparta
A plague devastated the city of Athens
The primary cause of the Peloponnesian War was
Athen's growing might and precarious military alliances
What development followed the death of Alexander with respect to Athens
Athens was conquered by the Macedonians, and an aristocratic government was installed
The dream of Alexander the Great was to
Create a united world based on Greek and Persian culture
A common goal of the arts in classical Greece was to
Strive toward perfection, an ideal form
Greek drama had which of the following features
It affirmed a basic moral order to the world
Aristotle's Poetics claims that the purpose of tragedy is to
Bring about catharsis
The Oresteia trilogy involved
Many moral issues
In Sophocles' Antigone, Antigone opposes Creon because Creon
places the state's laws above the divine
Euripidies wrote plays that can be described as
Often skeptical about religion
The comic playwright who satirized Socrates as a hopeless dreamer was
The primary featu of the Old Comedy of Geece, and its chief legacy, was
Poltical criticism
In the play Lysistrata, Aristophanes has the women of Athens ans Sparta withold sex from their husbands
To protest the absurdity of war
The Greeks believed that music
Serve ethical and educational functions
The two founders of Greek historical writing were
Herodotus and Thucydides
The best surviving history of the Peloponnesian War wasa written by which eyewitness
Thucydides was a forerunner of more recent historians in that he was concerned with
Cause and effect
The Sophists could be described in all of the following ways EXCEPT as
Developers of atomistic theories
Protagoras is fomous for saying
"Man is the measure of all things"
Sorates criticized the Sohists for their
Rejection of an enduring moral order in the universe
What did Socrates mean by "Virtue is Knowledge"
If one knows what is good, one will not commit evil acts
Socrates was accused of
Corrupting the youth of Athens
The Socratic method of teaching can be described as a
Process of asking questions to expose limitations in knowledge
The life of Socrates is known mainly through
Plato's dialogues
Plato's most important contributions to Western philosophy was his
Establishment of the philosophical basis of Western idealism
In the Republic, Plato created
An ideal society run by philosopher-kings
Xenophon reasoned that married women's responsibilities included all of the following EXCEPT
Submitting to the husband's will in all things
Unlike Plato, Aristotle
believed that form and matter were inseparable
Which of the following is NOT a way in which Aristotle has influenced Western thought
His ethical writigns became the prevailing moral code of the west
Who is known as the "Father of Medicine"
In what way did the western Greek architects differ from eastern Greek architects
They were more experimental
Aristophanes' Lysistrata principally criticizes
The Pelopnnesian War
The central temple on the Acropolis was the
The Parthenon has become one of the most important architectural landmarks in the West for all of the followng reasons EXCEPT that
It inspred Gothic art
A comparison of the Doric and Ionic orders of columns reveals that
The Ionic is more decorated than the Doric, Most of the early temples were built with Doric columns, The Ionic column has a capital that looks like a scroll or the horns of a ram
Which temole on the Acropolis was dedicated to Athens, Poseidon, and the legendary ruler who introduced the horse to Athens
The architectbMnesicles designed which building on the Athenian Acropolis
The Erechtheum
Greek sculptors carved the human form in a graceful pose known as
The Severe style of Hellenic sculpture was characterized by
Contrapposto and mastered representation of musculature
The high classical sculptural style attempted to
show motion in a static medium
The frieze that decorated the Parthenon
Included humas, bestial creatures, and deities