Why did Louis XIV build Versailles outside the city limits of Paris?
to get away from his subjects
How old was Louis XIV when he married?
Why did Louis and Marie marry?
to form an alliance between France(Louis) and Austria(Marie)
Where did Louis and Marie marry?
Is Marie Antoinette interested in political affairs?
What was life like outside of the gates of Versailles?
the people were deprived of food, hungry, and angry
France was broken into how many classes?
What philosophical movement is sweeping through Europe/France during this time?
literature; knowledge; enlightenment
Where do the people meet to discuss these new ideas?
Who did Louis XIV support in the war against Great Britain?
What caused France to go bankrupt?
America had put France in a debt
What did Marie like to do in her spare time?
gossip, gamble, watch theatre
What was Marie's nickname?
madame deficit
What food was at the heart of the French diet?
What were some of the problems occurring in France between 1788 and 1798?
food shortages
The cost of what product sky rockets under Louis's miss management of the economy?
Louis is advised by Jacques Necker to call a meeting of what organization?
estates general
What % did the first two estates make up?
What % did the third estate make up?
Robespierre represents members of which estate?
What happens on the handball court on June 20th?
the deputies find out they are being silenced
What is the name of the oath they take at this location?
tennis court oath
What does the third estate rename themselves?
national assembly
Where do the people go for gunpowder?
the bastille
On July 14, what colors mark the flag of Paris?
red, white, and blue
What do the colors red and blue represent on the flag of Paris?
What does the color white represent on the flag of Paris?
house of bourbon
What revolutionary tradition is born out of the fall of the Bastille?
severed head parading on a pike
What do the people do to the Bastile?
tear it apart brick by brick
What does the Declaration of the Rights declare?
the class distinction is abolished all men are equal
What was Jean-Paul Marat's role in the revolution?
he printed a newspaper that provoked new ideas
Which group gets so angry that they march to Versailles?
women; fish ladies
Does Marie actually say, "Let them eat cake."?
What does the angry crowd at Versailles want from the king and queen?
they want the king and queen to move to Paris
June 21st, 1791 the king and queen try to do what during the cover of darkness?
disguise themselves as servants and escape
What is the "national razor"?
Does Robespierre want to go to war with Austria?
no, he thinks the enemy will win and destroy the revolution
What two nations begin war and invasion of France?
prussia and austria
How can the birth of the Republic begin?
with Louis's death
What is the symbol of the san-colottes?
refused to wear knee-pants
The National Assembly becomes known as the...?
Who comes forward to help rally the French against the Austrians and Prussians?
George Danton
What are the September Massacres?
murder of all prisoners (total of 1600 killed)
What do the Jacobins want to do to the king?
kill him
What do the Girondin want to do to the king?
spare his life
What does Charlotte Corday do?
she kills Marat
What does Marat become?
a legend
What is Marie Antoinette's sentence?
What is "the terror"?
a period of violent repression of anyone who is even suspected of thinking the wrong way about the revolution
What is the "Committee of Public Safety"?
12 men ruled France as a collective dictatorship
What is Robespierre's paradox?
he was against the death penalty, but caused so many to die
What do the people decide is the "root" of the problem?
priests religion
Who is the new saint of France?
What brilliant young commander is leading France to victory on the battlefields?
Napoleon Boneparte
Robespierre believes that terror can help create what?
What happens to the Dantonists?
they are rounded up and sentenced to death
The tempo of executions increase to 800 or more per month in Paris alone during this new phase called the...?
great terror
What two events lead to the demise of Robespierre?
the festival of the supreme being a speech of threats
What is the irony of Robespierre's injury?
he couldn't speak to defend himself
Who sheds the last blood of the terror?
Who becomes the leader of France after Robespierre?
napoleon boneparte