The phalanx was
a block formation of foot soldiers.
By the time he died, Alexander had conquered
All of the above
A possible explanation for the collapse of the Minoan culture is
All of the above also
Which of the following are characteristics shown in Hellenistic art?
realism and depiction of psychological pain.
On the basis of the characteristics of the Mycenaean citadel, scholars can deduce that Mycenaean culture was
Chronologically order the following events from the earliest to the latest: 1. Battle of Gaugamela, 2. Battle of Granicus River, 3. Battle of Issus, 4. Conquest of Egypt
Pergamon Antigonid Seleucid Ptolemaic
Asia Minor Thrace/Macedonia Persia to India Egypt
The true legacy of Alexander's conquests was the Hellenistic world he left behind, in which
Both 2 and 3
The best account of the Trojan horse and Troy's defeat is found in
Virgil's Aeneid.
The complex at Delphi was dedicated to the god
The main center of Minoan culture was the city of
Which of the following is NOT true of Greek geography?
The long, wide valleys were ideal for large field crops
Cleisthenes achieved all of the following EXCEPT
allowed for campaigns to be held between candidates for election.
During the age of Pericles, Athenians defined a citizen as
a male landowner whose parents had been native born Athenian citizens.
The Greek historian, known as the Father of Scientific History, who took an objective look at history, ignoring the role of deities and focusing on factual developments of events was
Solon instituted all of the following reforms EXCEPT
redistributed land of the wealthy to the poor
Spartan slaves were called
The Athenian who created the Council of 500, representing 50 members from each of 10 tribes was
The final defeat of the Persians on land by the Greeks in the Persian wars came at
at Plataea
The historian who documented the Persian Wars was
The most important result of the Persian War was that
The Athenians were considered to be the heroes of the Wars and the new leaders of a "united" Greece.
The significance of the Parthenon was...
It was the treasury of Athens, was the location where the Council of 500 met, and its states of Zeus was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.
The Peloponnesian War was the result of
Athenian attempts to conquer Europe.
The Persian Wars began when the
Persians attacked the Greek colony of Ionia after they rebelled from Persian rule
The complex at Olympia was dedicated to the god
The chief executive officers of the Roman Republic who were responsible for leading the Roman army into battle and administering the government were the
Julius Caesar
voted dictator for life and murdered by defenders of the Republic
built a new Roman army relying on underemployed an loyal to him
conservative who turned back the reforms of his predicessor
Marc Antony
formed an eastern alliance with an eastern monarch
established the foundation of the Empire through the Principate