"All men are created equal" included
landowning white males.
As British influence in Mughal India expanded, the Mughal emperor
received a hefty annual pension in return for his cooperation.
As trade accelerated, merchants and financiers began to recognize the greater potential of free trade. Which country claimed to be in favor of free trade but blocked it by creating monopolies in its colonies?
Brazil's independence differed from that of other Latin American nations because
it was won peacefully when the Prince Pedro declared Brazil independent.
Egypt's Muhammad Ali reformed his country by instituting which of the following changes?
modernizing reforms in the military, construction of engineering schools, and new medical centers in Cairo
In India, the British sought to
foster a change in Indian attitudes, through education and laws, so that they would feel more British.
In Russia, the death of the childless Alexander I led to
a retrenchment of traditional absolutist rule.
In the mid-1800s, a new class of merchants began to develop in Africa when
peanut and palm oil replaced slaves in legitimate commerce.
Many would argue that Napoleon's most significant contribution to world history was
the impact his troops had in sparking nationalistic sentiment throughout Europe.
Mexican independence
was a conflict between locally born creoles and Spanish-born peninsulares.
Most of Latin America's successful revolutions were dominated by elite men of either pure or mixed European descent. One that succeeded in liberating slaves, however, was fought in
Saint-Domingue (Haiti).
Nagging problems that plagued the Qing Empire included
-a population that strained resources. -religious uprisings. -a weakening relative to European powers. -a wish to restore the Ming Dynasty in northern China.
Radical control over the French Revolution led to
execution of the king and tens of thousands of other French men and women.
Symbols and innovations associated with revolutionary France included
-a new god or Supreme Being. -new street names. -a new flag. -the practice of addressing each other as "citizen."
The Opium War involved
Britain's willingness to back the right of merchants to sell opium to China by force.
The beginning of Napoleon's swift decline came with a loss to
The industrious revolution
occurred when households produced more for the market and used additional income to increase purchasing.
What was the unanticipated effect of ending the Atlantic Slave Trade?
It strengthened slavery within Africa.
When delegates of the Estates-General met, what was their procedural dispute?
The First and Second Estates wanted to vote by Estate only.
__________ contributed to the North American War of Independence
-The British crown's attempt to make the colonies pay for the Seven Years' War -The British crown's attempt to stamp out smuggling among the colonists -The British crown's attempt to tax colonists without allowing representation in Parliament -New ideas about the rights of citizens to good government and what good government was