All of thee issues were part of: -Maximilien Robespierre-Reign of Terror-The directory?
the transition in the nature of the french revolution
although Napoleon crowned himself emperor was generally welcomed as a leader by the people of France because he offered?
Even though this group made up over 95% of the population in Eighteenth Centry France they had very few political or economic rights, which caused them to begin a revolution in 1789
The Third Estate
Following the era of the French Revolution (1789-1799), France?
continued to experience class conflict and was ruled bu monarch
Geography and harsh weather played a major role in napoleon's defeat during his invasion of?
He was the king of France when the French Revolution erupted in 1789.resulting in his execution in 1793?
Louis XVI
He was a French Military officer who was a key general during both the French and American Revolutionary wars.He volunteered his services.
Marquis de Lafayette
Prior to the French Revolution, Which class has the most people but the least political power?
The third estate
In 1792, the national convention voted to abolish the n=monarch and declared France
a republic
Napoleon Bonaparte's rise to power came as?
a French military hero
She was the queen of France and was executed with her husband, Louis XVI, in 1793?
Marie Antoinette
The bourgeoisie were a part of which group during the French Revolution?
The Third Estate
The French Revolution (1789) began as a reaction to?
unequal taxation
The Napoleonic Code of 1804 was MOST important in World History because it?
was one of the earliest successful attempts to establish the rule of law in Europe
Which group would have been part of the third estate in the period immediately before the French Revolution?
which was the result of napoleons unable to conquer?
What was the result of Napoleon's invasion of Russia?
French defeat
What historical period is associated with these events?-The storming of the Bastille-The Declaration of rights of Man and the Citizen-Reign of Terror
The French Revolution
The following event depicts the beginning of the French Revolution
The storming of the Bastille
This was the name of the group in the 18 Century France that was made up of the Clergy making up around 1% of the population and controlling roughly 10% of the country's land.
The First Estate
This is the name of the French prison that was stormed by peasants, making the beginning of the French Revolution?
this is the name for the time period during the French Revolution (1790's) that was marked by massive in World History because it?
Reign of Terror
Which French leader was famously beheaded during the revolution there in the late 1700s'?
Louis XVI
This is the name given to the documents of the French Revolution that defined individual and government rights?
Declaration of the Rights of Man