What action in the scene shows you that Brutus's men respect & protect him?
On the battlefield, in the midst of fighting, Brutus enters with Young Cato, Lucilius, and others.

He urges them all to stand upright and brave. He exits, and Young Cato shouts his name and his loyalty to Rome, although some texts credit these lines, showing this loyalty to Brutus and Rome, to Lucilius. !

Why does Antony instruct the soldiers to treat Lucilius well?
He would rather have noble friends, than an enemy.
How does the action in this scene add to the idea shown in Scene iv. ?
The rebels are losing the fight, the beg Brutus to stay.
Of what glory does Brutus speak in line 36?
Glory in knowing his men were loyal to him.

Explain the meaning of Brutus's final speech, lines 50-51.
Basically, it was easier to kill himself, than Caesar.
Explain Antony's final speech, lines 68-75.
He did what he did for the good of Rome.

What is the mood of the final scene?
Dark & a new future is uprising.
What does Strato do for Brutus?
Held the sword for Brutus to run into.
What three men make up the new triumvirate?
Antony, Octavius, & Lepidus
What are they doing as the scene opens?
Antony, Octavius, & lepidius are discussing how to cut down expenses. Also discussing which conspirators should die.
What opinion does Antony have of Lepidus?
Slight unmeritable man fit to be a servant.

In this scene, we see a different side of Antony. What does he say that seems out of character with the simple & honest man he seemed to be in the previous act ?
His nephews dieing. Taking Lepidus back.
Where does Scene 2 take place?
A camp near Sardis, in front of Brutus's tent.

What feelings exist between Brutus & Cassius?
When Brutus realized Cassius was angry, what did he urge him not to do?
Don't fight in front of the army.
What are reasons behind the quarrel between Brutus & Cassius?
Brutus refused to drop charges against Lepidus.
How does this quarrel end?
Cassius offers to let Brutus kill him.
Why does Cassius want to be on the defensive & wait to be attacked where they are camped?
Tire out enemies.
What is Brutus's reasons for wanting to take the offensive & march to Philippi?
So they didn't pick up more troops on their way there.
Which strategy is decided upon? Why?
Brutus, he always gets his way.

Why does Brutus have Varro & Claudis sleep in his tent?
He's scared.
What premonition does Brutus have of his death?
If he lives, he'll be good to you.
What "visitor" does Brutus have in the night? What warnings does he receive?
A ghost.
What reasons does Cassius give for the army not marching to Philippi?
So there well rested.
Where does the action in scene 5 occur? How is this important to the play?
It occurs in the plains of Philippi.

This is a war against the conspirators.

What lines imply that there will be results by the end of the day ?
"But this same day must end the work that the ides of March begun."
What are Cassius's thoughts of the future?
He is disturbed by the omens & defeat of losing the battle.
What does Brutus imply he will do if he sees that he is losing?
How many times was Caesar stabbed?
Why does Brutus tell Octavius, "Young man, thou coulds't not die more honorable"?
Brutus still maintains that killing Caesar was an honorable thing to do.

Why do you think Shakespeare included this scene?
It allows the reader to see what motivates the characters & how they feel about the coming battle.
What does Brutus pledge he will never do?
Return to Rome.
What prompted Brutus to send Messala with a message to the troops?
He believes that the forces under Octavius, which are positioned before him, are vulnerable to attack.
What effect does this brief scene have?
It let's us know that there is a possibility that Brutus's army will defeat Octavius's. Also, it shows that Brutus is acting hastily & has not discuss w/ Cassius to move onto his army.

What does Pindarus report to Cassius ?
That titinius had been dismounted off his horse & captured by the conspirators.
How does Cassius die?
Commits suicide.
Who had actually surrounded Titinius. ?
A bunch of horsemen. Brutus's troops.

What is the meaning of Brutus's lines, "O Julius Caesar, Thou are mighty yet!"?
Caesar the man has died, but his spirit continues to rule.
After Pindarus misinterprets what he sees, what does Cassius have him do?
stab him.
What does Titinius do when he finds Cassius's body?
He kills himself. Puts a crown on Cassius's body, then blames himself.
How is the action in this scene an excellent example of dramatic irony?
Because the character sees death, then commits suicide.