Alfieri is a character in the play, but he is also a kind of narrator. He sees what is going on better than the other characters, speaks directly to the audience at times and gives you the "view from the bridge" referring to in the title. What is this "bridge" connecting? What are they?
This bridge is connecting two sides. The two worlds connecting are the dream life and the life people want to get away from.

Eddie and B's life aren't perfect but Marco and Rodolpho thinks it is paradise compared to their life back in Sicily.

How do the longshoreman react to the lawyer? Why? How has the neighborhood changed since Alfieri migrated from Italy to Brooklyn? What is Alfieri's practice like? How is Eddie Carbone's case different? What does it make him think?
A lawyer seen on the street means a disaster is coming; The crime rate was high; Even after he fixes anything, another trouble comes; Eddie's case is different because Alfieri did a case for Eddie's father.
Give three examples if Eddie's protectiveness of Catherine. What does he warn her about?
The skirt, the heels, the way she walks; He warns her about the men in the neighborhood.
What news does Eddie have have for Beatrice? What is her reaction? What is Eddie's only worry? What does that show Beatrice? How does Eddie feel about opening his home to illegal aliens?
Her cousins from Sicily are arriving early; She is happy but is worried about how the house looks; His worry is where they'll sleep
What news does Catherine have for Eddie? What are his objections to her plan? What does Beatrice say about Eddie's protectiveness? How does she get him to agree to Catherine's plan? What one piece of advice does Eddie give to Catherine? What does this show about Eddie?
She got a job but he wants her to stay in school; Beatrice says he has to let her grow up; He'll let her work but only if she's wary of people, trust no one; He wants Catherine to be around nice people; this shows he'll always look out for her, he thinks of Catherine as his daughter
What does Eddie insist the women must do if they are asked about the cousins? Why? Who was Vinny Bolzano? How is his story relevant?
To lie because immigration will take Marco and Rodolpho; Vinny Bolzano must've snitched to immigration officers on the whereabouts of his uncles; Vinny left and is too ashamed to return.
Why does Eddie have tears in his eyes when he wishes Catherine luck?
She's growing up
How does Alfieri sum up Eddie's character just before the cousins arrive?
Eddie was a good, hardworking man.

Why is Eddie so sure the cousins will get work? What kinds of work did they do in Italy? Why does Marco desperately need the money he will earn in America?
The government will syndicate jobs for them; Built houses, fix bridges, anything they could find; Marco has three kids and a wife back home. One of the kids is sick.
How do Marco and Rodolpho seem different in personality? What about Rodolpho seems to fascinate Catherine? Give two reasons why Eddie stops Rodolpho from singing.
Marco acts more masculine and Rodolpho acts more feminine; Catherine likes that Rodolpho can sing; Catherine seems interested and he thinks it's not manly.
What does the fuss about Catherine's shoes show about Eddie?
He's in love with her
Give two reasons Eddie says that Rodolpho gives him the "heeby-jeebies." What is he implying about Rodolpho?
Rodolpho has blonde hair, can do clothing, and he sings high notes; that he's gay
How do the men at the docks react to Rodolpho? What are they implying?
They laugh at him; that he's gay
What criticisms of Rodolpho does Eddie make to Catherine? How does she respond?
He only likes her so he could become a citizen; she thinks otherwise
What advice does Beatrice give to Catherine? What does she tell Catherine to stop doing? When she says, " gotta," what discovery occurs to Catherine?
B tells Catherine to marry whoever she wants; to stop acting like a baby and lovey-dovey to Eddie; she has to leave because she has feelings for Eddie
Why did Eddie choose Alfieri as a lawyer? What does Alfieri say about Eddie's appearance? What is Eddie's evidence against Rodolpho? What advice does Alfieri give to Eddie? What does he want Eddie to understand about himself? How did Alfieri feel after he left? What was the only thing he could do?
Alfieri worked Eddie's father's case; He looked like he committed a crime; Rodolpho is an illegal immigrant; to leave Catherine be; that he's in love with Catherine; he felt powerless; pray for him
When Eddie complains about Rodolpho, what is Marco's first response? Why does Catherine ask Rodolpho to dance? What does the revelation that Rodolpho can cook do to Eddie? Why does Eddie insist on teaching Rodolpho to box? Why does Marco challenge Eddie to lift the chair?
Marco tells Rodolpho to stop; she puts Paper Doll on the phonograph; that he's gay and doesn't love Catherine; to get a chance to hit him; to show his strength, to say to stop messing with his brother