TJ wins election First elections where candidate's campaign Tie between burr and TJ --> house gives it to TJ First big slice uprising
Aaron burr
Hated Hamilton
12th amendment
Involves electoral college
Americans want more....
Democratic politics and freedom
Thomas Jefferson was obviously....
Gabriel's revellion
Slave uprising for freedom Stopped before it began Led to stricter laws on slaves meeting together and whites freeing slaves
George tucker
argued we create a colony for them in Georgia
TJ loved...
Agrarian policy, small government, smaller military, and lower taxes
Jefferson was annoyed by the
Supreme Court
John Marshall
Supreme Court justice
Marbury vs Madison
Allows court to uphold/invalidate federal laws
TJ supported
Strict construction; literal interpretation of constitution
Louisiana purchase
Napoleon sold Louisiana for $15 mil Awesome deal can president purchase land? A lil unconstitutional Lewis and Clark explore land to pacific Doubled size of US --> more land for farming
Punish Britain for blockading France and oppressing American sailors Forbid ships from sailing to foreign ports Failure Hurt US economy BC lack of exports Angered manufacturers because they wanted Euro goods Lead to war of 1812
Embargo decreased
Agrarian ideals
TJ mainly drafted
Declaration of Independence
Enlarged federal power