Zhou Dynasty
important cultural developments; lasted from 1029-258 BCE; started declining in 700 BCE due to a decline in political communications and outside attacks; ruled through alliances w/ nobles; decline happened when nobles ignored the government & started their own individual rule; extended territory; increased focus on central government; better cultural unity;
Qin Shi Huangdi & Qin Dynasty
(221-202 BCE); "first emperor"; brutal ruler; made nobles give up land & he took control; selected non-aristocratic people to help rule; built Great Wall; national census; standardized coinage, weights, and measurements, length of axles (road planning); single language; burned books;
Han Dynasty
(202 BCE- 220 CE); expanded territory; state bureaucracy improved; trained people in Confucianism; declined when central control weakened & Huns invaded;
Wu Ti
(140-87 BCE); most famous Han ruler; promoted peace; supported Confucianism;
the type of unifying language in China
a family of kings
Mandate of Heaven
the rule of heaven that allows a certain family to rule China
Era of Warring States
(402-201 BCE); regional rulers made their own armies and fought for control; during this time Zhou Dynasty died;
Great Wall
built by Shi Huangdi; more than 3000 miles long; wide enough for a chariot to ride across the top; built by forced labor;
: opposite of Confucianism; believed in strict rule by force; human nature was evil and needed self-control; education was considered frivolous;
educated bureaucrats
Mean People
people of the lowest status; did unskilled jobs; wore a green scarf to show their status; punished harsher for crimes;
all the power and land ownership passes through the father; a male led society;
(King Fuzi); 551-478 BCE; preached political virtue & good government; NOT a religious leader
religious belief system; made popular by Laozi; true human understanding comes when you leave the world and focus on the "life force"; divine direction which controls life; lived w/ humility & didn't focus on "stuff"
Silk Road
A network of roads used for trade throughout Asia