All of the following are basic categories of communication barriers EXCEPT:
holistic barriers.
All of the following are examples of the five distinct eras of American business history EXCEPT the:
Technology Era.
A "spin-off" is a common type of _____.
A _____ merger is the combination of firms in the same industry.
A basic characteristic of _____ is that both producers and consumers are free to make their own economic decisions on many basic issues.
All of the following are advantages of limited liability companies EXCEPT:
uniform state laws.
A balance sheet reports the financial position of a firm at a particular point in time by identifying and reporting the value of the firm's assets, liabilities, and owners' equity.
All of the following are basic freedoms encouraging entrepreneurship EXCEPT:
freedom of guaranteed profits.
A _____ allows all partners to participate in management while also offering them limited liability.
limited liability partnership
All of the following suggestions will normally improve the effectiveness of your communications EXCEPT:
using the passive voice extensively.
A _____ maintains limited liability but offers more flexibility in terms of tax treatment than a corporation.
limited liability company
_____ are people willing to take the risk of starting, owning, and operating a business.
Dash of Style, a leather products company in the U.S, imported leather goods worth $ 10,000 from China. When the consignment reached the U.S the company had to pay a(n) _____ on the imports.
A _____ is a legal business entity that offers limited liability to all of its owners.
C corporation
All of the following are strategies to improve your listening skills EXCEPT:
making sure that you are as comfortable as possible before you begin listening.
A _____ is targeted to borrowers with low credit scores, high debt-to-income ratios, or signs of a reduced ability to repay the money they borrow.
subprime mortgage loan
All of the following are ways to mitigate speech anxiety EXCEPT:
picking a spot on the wall to focus on.
All of the following are entrepreneurial characteristics, EXCEPT:
aversion to risk.
_____ are among the most challenging issues faced by companies and individuals that are involved in international businesses.
Bribery and corruption
All of the following statements about the impact of small businesses in the U.S. economy are true EXCEPT:
small businesses provide greater employment stability than large firms in times of economic hardship.
A ________ is a form of partnership in which all partners have the right to participate in management and have limited liability for company debts.
limited liability partnership
_____ uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide people in a variety of locations the opportunity to participate interactively in a presentation, while providing a high degree of channel richness.
A bottom-up approach to budgeting allows for lower level managers to participate in the development of budgets.
_____ is a period of robust economic growth and high employment indicating that businesses are capitalizing on new market opportunities.
Almost everyone has experienced a conversation where someone has pleaded, "That's not what I meant!" This experience is:
an indication of a communication barrier between the messenger and the recipient.