with what had the Accused been charged with regarding to the Neighboor's sheep?
making the sheep dance in an uncommon manner
with what did they make the hogs sing?
what were the tests the accused had to take?
had to weigh more than the bible, and to see if they would sink of float in water.
who else had to take the tests?
the people that were doing the accusing
what was the outcome of the first test?
the people weighed more than the bible, so they were were all innocent
what is "their Lumps of Mortality"?
their bodies
what was the outcome of the second test?
they all swam, which made them quilty.
what did the sailor try to do?
he tried to drive someone to the bottom, so they could be innocent
what was the reaction of the Accused Man, regarding the outcome of the water trial?
he is surprised that he floated, and is not sure if he is innocent.
what was the final decision of the decision of the commitee regarding the women?
their clothing helped support them, ans they needed to do it in the summer so they could go naked.
on the basis of this account, do you think franklin believed in witches? Did he believe in the witch tests?
No, he uses satire because it is dumb!!!!!!
what is tone?
expresses the author's attitude towards his/her audience
what words and details does franklin use in this account to indicate that the people in this province and the spectators at the trial feared witchccraft? what details indicated that they believed witches could be detected through these tests?
conducted with scrutiny, interest, and great seriousness
describe franklin's attitude about witchcraft and the tests used to detect witches? what phrases in the news story indicate this attutude?
attitude is sceptacol and amused