Computers have created new careers and eliminated others and have left a huge impact on our society.

The invention of the computer has greatly affected the arts, the business world, and society and history in many different areas. Some examples are the computer, television, cell phone, and video game systems. Technology has changed the way we communicate with emails and other social media sites such as Backbone and Twitter. Technology has influenced people and their daily lives, some better than others.

Technology has made an impact on the retail business.People no longer need to eave their house to purchase almost anything from clothing to even food to be delivered right to your door by ordering everything online. Technology has enhanced education in schools (this is an online course after all). Teaching has become easier as well as a result as technology; teachers can now email the students their homework, eliminating the paper trail along with the old excuse of "my dog ate my homework" for forgetting it at home. Instead of kids receiving a text book in school they now get pads complete with all the textbooks downloaded to it already.

Programs created by Microsoft have tremendously improved education, work can be done a lot faster and more effective. Computers have made Job searching and getting a Job stress-free. The days of Job searching door to door are over. People can go on a company's website and apply right then and there; this allows quick and easy replies to getting the Job. Telephones have also improved the lives of people by making communication easier. Now people can keep in touch with others from all around the world with Just the dial of a button.

Cell phones have as well made this a lot easier by allowing a call to be made from almost anywhere around the world. "According to industry research, 61 percent of virtual-world visitors are between 3 and 11, and 22 percent of kid's ages 6 to 9 already have their own cell phone" (Mejia, 2014). Testing has developed though cell phones allowing communication without talking. However, it causes a lack of social skills, especially with teens and the new developing "testing language" with seems to abbreviate everything (101, OMG, TTYL).Although television is fun to watch however there are negative effects. One may include laziness which eventually leads to obesity which is why the United States has increased obesity in the last decade.

This generation of youth would rather be tuned into the newest video game consoled than rather go outside and play. This new video gamer generation is directly responsible for the lack of work ethic in our society. Children at the age of three now have their own sort video consoled as a new and easier way for parents to keep their children entertained and has become a new form of parenting.According to the Kisser Foundation today's youth spend on average 7 h hours a day on mom sort of electronic devise (Lenin, 2010). A child starts to cry, give them your phone for a moment of silence instead of giving them the much needed attention they are craving.

The computer also has a negative effect on people. It has been the site of cyber bullying. This is when someone online bullies another, whether it's on a social network such as Backbone, AIM, twitter, or through emails. "About half of young people have experienced some form of cyber bullying, and 10 to 20 percent experience it regularly' (superbly. Org).Cyber bullying has been the cause for many suicides especially in teens.

People say stupid things to each other even though they may Just be Joking but the person may take it the wrong way and get upset. Usually it isn't as extreme and leads to suicide but some cases do. Online predators have been developed from the internet. People have been harassing and threatening others online. Some have even pretended to be a friend, but end up being a creepy pedophilia wanting to meet up with an innocent child on the internet.

This could then lead to sexual abuse, kidnapping or even death. According to the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation, over 500,000 sexual predators are online each day targeting children from 12-15 years old (Kemp, 2012). Some online predators impersonate others and pretend to know who he/she is talking to. Other offer promising advances to children offering them a better opportunity in life then they currently have.

Kids don't know better and should be more careful. Parents shouldn't allow their kids to go on certain sites and restrict them and talk to their children about the dangers that may occur from strangers online. No one wants to be a victim or a parent of a victim of an online redactor.The idea of privacy has slowly been diminishing over these past few generations. The Privacy Act of 1974 was created for individuals who were concerned about their privacy rights when computerized databases were developed Justice. Gob).

It restricted agencies from sharing individual's information with third parties. Another bad impact technology has is identity thief. This is when someone steals information and used it for their own benefit without permission. They either take it from sites that have your personal information already or they hack into it.Identity thieves take information such as social security, credit card numbers, names and birthdays.

They do the best they can to pretend to be the victim in order to make a new credit card with the victim's name. Then they spend all of the victim's money with no cost of their own on whatever they want and they do this many time with different people. They get rich off of people who are careless and leave personal information online. Anything online isn't safe, so don't bother even putting it on in the first place. In conclusion, technology has both positive and negative aspects in how our world has changed.