Speech Outline Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will be able to see how far technology has come and be informed of how it has changed our lives.

Intro: Imagine for a moment that you're In the ass's. You wake up and go to check your phone. What you pick up is not your phone, Samsung Galaxy, or even a smart phone. You stare at It puzzled, because it resembles a brick and looks like a dinosaur to you. Well what you just grasped was not the kind of cell phone you're used to, it is actually one of the first cell phones ever invented.Today I'd like to answer these questions hat can help you picture what life was like with such little technology: First, what was the first cell phone and who Invented It? Second, who could afford It and what could it do? And third, what are some other examples of advances in technology and how have they affected us.

L. History of technology A. Cell phones 1. Who Invented It? 2. What did It look like? 3. Who could afford it? B.

Computer 1. Who invented it? 2. What did the first one look like? 3. Who could afford It? C. Cameras 1 .

Who Invented It? 2. What did it look like? . Basic Functions/description about it. II. Cell phones A.

Compare It to the 1st phone. 1 . Advancements/explain them. B. APS 1 . Social networking sites a.

Faceable b. Twitter c. Mainstream a. Turning on TV b. Changing room temp c. Turning on lights C.

Communication 1 . Text messaging a. More efficient 2. Calling a. Faster than telegraph b.

Isn't as expensive 3. Video chatting a. Peacetime, vivo, Skips (1) Allows people to see family members over another person in a different country or far away. Ill. Other technology A.

Cameras 1. Not film anymore 2. Digital 3.High mega pixels & higher resolution B. Computers & Laptops 1. Laptops are portable a.

Really fast 2. Computers aren't bulky a. Flat screen monitors b. Also a lot faster C. Tablets/pads 1.

Made for reading a. Nook b. Pad c. Other tablets 2. More APS 3.

Games a. Made for little kids 4. Children use them in school IV. Effects from technology A. Positive 1 .

Tasks made easier 2. Easier communication worldwide B. Negative 1. Lazy people a.

Teens play video games all day (1 . ) Causing health issues (a. ) Obesity, eye sight problems, hearing from head sets being too loud. 2.Poor social skills a. People are lacking social skills because they always talk to seas/ problems b.

Phones at the dinner table are an everyday occurrence. Conclusion: After all the examples of technological advances Vive identified today, you should be able to realize how far technology has come. Cell phones, and other electronic devices, have made a huge impact on our lives and have changed the way we live. Specifically, within our lifetime alone technology has advanced drastically. We use it in everyday situations, and our generation is addicted to it as if our life depended on it.