UNIT 302 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES INTRODUCTION I will be showing my knowledge and understanding of why schools have policies and procedures. I will also show a brief summary of 4 different policies. 5. 1 Explain why schools have policies and procedures. Policies and procedures are in schools because it establishes rules and regulations to guide acceptable behaviour and it ensures that the schools environment is a safe place for students, teachers and all staff. Schools policies also create a productive learning environment. The policies should also promote to respect for others and the importance of self discipline.

It also shows the intolerance of bulling, harassment and shows the difference between right and wrong. Schools policies are also enforced to demonstrate to all pupils and staff what is acceptable or not in conduct of behaviour and discipline. The procedures are there also to protect all pupils and staff when situations may occur, abuse, threatening behaviour and violence. This will demonstrate the protocol to follow to ensure that everyone involved is treated fairly and none judgementally and the right outcome is achieved.

All policies and procedures are in situ to ensure that everyone involved or who attends the school know and understand the expectations. That everyone is dealing with situations in the right manner to ensure the protection of all staff and pupils. Policies and procedures are clear and concise that they are also a legal requirement within the school environment. There are many policies in a school environment which could be child protection, Health and Safety, confidentiality Anti-bulling and Harassment. These policies are in place to make sure that all members of staff and pupils feel safe and secure in the school environment.

The policies are all on the Kettering Science Academy schools website for all staff and parents to have available at their own convenience to read. Also the school staff handbook is on the schools website, or the book is in the school’s main office. The schools website is updated on a regular basis. The schools policies and procedures are reviewed and updated too within the legal requirements. This enables the parents to view and understand the construction of the schools expectations at all times. 5. 3 Evaluate how schools policies are developed and communicated both with and outside the school

The schools policies are developed in conjunction with the governors depending on the policy, sometimes using the senior management and teaching staff input. All policies are revised and updated on a regular basis. The Head teacher is responsible for “the internal organisation, management and control of the school. Also for advising on implementing the governing bodies strategic framework. In particular head teachers need to formulate aims and objectives, policies and targets for the governing body to consider”.

Policies regarding the school’s curriculum may be written by the subject coordinator then agreed at the staff meeting. All staff may contribute to the behaviour policy in the school. When all policies have been drawn up and agreed on by the governing body they will be put on to the schools website for all staff and outside bodies to read. These policies are also on the schools prospectus to give future parents of pupils the aims and values that the school can offer to their child for the learning and development within the school.

As the policies are updated regularly and are also available on the website all the time this is the best format to communicate to parents and anyone else to view. CONCLUSION Policies and procedures are very important because they help a school establish rules, to create standards of high quality for learning. It also reflects the safety of all staff, pupils as well as expectations of all that attend and work within the school. They enhance the structure and function of a school which is necessary to provide the educational needs of the students.

These also ensure that all staff to know the protocol to follow for whatever incident that they may come across. Ultimately policies and procedures are necessary for the success and safety of all in the school environment. They are also there to maintain the high quality of pupils receiving the most productive education they would encounter. Also it guides the management of the structure of a school to be maintained and to be at the highest quality to help a strong leadership in the school. Reference Burnham, Louise, (2010) Support Teaching and Learning in Schools, Heinemann.