1. Complete the review questions: a) True: Fiber-optic cable is the most expensive transmission medium. b) True: Coaxial cable has a high resistance to noise. c) An analog and digital signal is used to reduce the effects of attenuation for a digital transmission signal. d) A nonbroadcast point-to-multipoint transmission issues signals to multiple, defined recipients. e) True: Broadband technology encodes information as digital pulses.

Please see page 2 for Network Proposal.Silfinate Corporation will be expanding their business to three separate locations. This business will have a total of 55 employees between all three locations with 10 roaming employees. Silicate Corporation requires that each employee have their own assigned cubicle; able to access their work materials from any of the four computers in the customer relations area at each location; and be able to utilize the print/fax room at each location. I propose that a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is created for this company.If you’re not familiar with what a VPN is, it’s a network that is logically defined over public transmission systems.

In order to have access to this network you need to be an authorized user, VPN isolates other traffic on the same public lines to access the network. To isolate this traffic, the network server will have its own unique password. In order to access this network outside of the business you will need this password to have access. We will provide “guest” internet access for any clients that are visiting and may need this type of access.

As previously stated Silicate will now have a total of 55 employees. There will be 25 employees at the main office and 15 employees at the two new locations. Each employee will have their own workstation at their employed location. Each employee will have their own unique user id and password to log into their workstations. Each employees profile will be set up so they can log into any workstation at all three locations.

All the profiles will be connected to a public shared drive that gives all employees access to all documentation under this drive.Each employee will also have a private drive that will give them access to private documentation at any location they may be working at. There are 10 employees that will be traveling to different locations when needed. Although the employees have the capability of logging onto any workstation and/or customer relations workstation at either location; we will also provide laptops and/or tablets connected to the network they will be able to access their profiles with.To set up this network and each workstation we will provide a server/telecommunication room at the main office. We will connect a broadband wireless service so there is a proper connection at the other two locations.

We will provide file and email servers to organize information and assist in keeping from other areas in the network from crashing due to overdrive. All wiring will be based under the floor to ensure organization and accessibility. Wifi Routers will be placed on the ceiling of each building for wireless capabilities.Each telephone will have two lines and their own unique extension with voicemail. Every building will be provided with a copy/fax/print/scanner combo machine; although the main office will have two of these machines due to more employees. This network will be efficient for the expansion of your company.

Please look over this proposal and note the great organization and easy use this network will give your business. This network is to user friendly and will do what you need to keep your business running like it should.