Unemployment Is Not One Long Holiday
Unemployment is not a long holiday as many people struggle with tax, rent, welfare and food.

Much of the New Zealand population thinks that
Unemployment is a long holiday. As one hundred thirty nine thousand people were unemployed in 1998.They get one hundred and fifty dollars each week and that money is from our wages and salarys. It is a pretty cruisey life, no hard work just a whole week of fun and leisure. Most people see it as taking advantage of the welfare system.But some families depend on the benefit.

As they can not find jobs, as younger qualified students have already taken the jobs. A Solo mother for example has to look after her children pay tax, school fees, rent, and she has to pay for food. On top of that people in the community look down on her, leading to low self-esteem and sometimes mental breakdowns.There is no easy solution however for solo mothers and solo fathers the benefit could be increased according to how old there child is meaning that older the child the more money they get until a certain age.

But that would not solve all unemployment but would help the people who need the benefit in those cases.As you can see unemployment is not a long holiday and for some never ending.Bibliography
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