Different Types Of Child Abuse: Victims of child abuse show many different signs that they have been abused depending which sort of abuse they have received. Different types of child abuse include Physical abuse; actually hurting the child via hitting, kicking, scalding ect. Mental abuse; Calling the child awful things constantly, purposefully cause them not to develop. Sexual abuse; carrying out any sexual activity on a child under sixteen including kissing and touching in inappropriate areas.Physical abuse of a child is the most easily detected as marks from the abuse can be visible.

Signs that indicate a child could have been physically abused include unexplained bruising, scalds, wounds, deep burns. Physical abuse can also include not meeting the child's basic needs purposefully which can be starving the child which can cause malnutrition and lead to further problems, not washing the child which can lead to infected sores. Mental abuse of a child includes many different things from calling a child something not nice to purposefully starving a child.Mental abuse in children is recognised mainly by the way the child acts.

If a child is undergoing continuous verbal abuse the child would seem with drawn, shy and very unconfident when playing or taking part in a activity. Mental abuse can also be where a parent or carer purposefully takes away things from that child that help them to develop like toys and freedom or just basically leaving the child on one room all the time without letting the child experiance other places.Sexual abuse of a child includes any sexual activity being taken on the child. Signs that a child has been sexually abused can include shyness when it comes to adults, unconfident in their selves, being very withdrawn and maybe quite tearful and jumpy.

Also a sign that a child has been sexually abused could be that the child is extremely scared and starts crying when being undressed or having their nappy changed. Neglect is also a type of child abuse and one of the most common.Neglect includes all aspects of physical and mental abuse. Neglect also includes educational abuse which could be that the child isn't enrolled in school but are of compulsory school age, this also includes allowing the child to have excessive absensces from school or nursery without a reason.

Signs of child neglect could be that they are wearing scruffy or the same clothing daily, the child appearing dirty, extreme hunger, apparent lack of parenting i. e the child being uncontrollable, extreme inappropriate behaviour.