Parents are supposed to be the ones who protect children and look out for their best interests. But, what happens when parents are the ones causing harm and damage to children? Every year children are abused by their parents( ). Last year, there were reported cases of children dying from child abuse ( ).

Besides the obvious effects of physical damage, child abuse leaves emotional scars that last long after bruises have healed and bones have mended. Child abuse is a devastating epidemic that affects millions of Americans.Adults who have suffered from child abuse as children are much more likely to be abusers themselves. Because parents learn how to parent from their parents the vicious cycle of child abuse continues generation after generation. In fact according to parents who were abused as children are times more likely to abuse their own children ( ). So the effects of child abuse last even after a child has grown up and escaped their abusive environment.

Children who are being physically and/or emotionally abused are much more likely to struggle in school. When children are worried about what is going to happen at home they are unable to concentrate on school work. One example of this is the story of Cindy. Cindy tells that when she was in elementary school she was unable to focus on the lessons taught by her teacher because she was worried about the mood her mom would be in when she got home. Also children who are abused are much more likely to miss school.

According to study of school days are missed each year because of child abuse ( ).Self esteem is an effect of child abuse that can last a lifetime. Low self esteem can lead to depression, difficulties in relationships and in extreme cases suicide. Low self esteem affects many areas of a person’s life. Studies show that low self esteem can result in people remaining in physically abusive adult relationships.

Low self can also lead to health problems like obesity and high blood pressure. When children are not valued by the adults in their life they do not feel good about themselves and many do not reach their full potential.Child abuse is a serious problem and lasts long after the abuse has ended. Abuse affects a child’s ability to be successful in school, their self esteem and their ability to make friends. Even after the abuse has ended the torture of being abused is not over. Adults who have been abused often seek abusive relationships or continue the cycle with their own children.

Child abuse needs to end now, if you suspect someone of being abused immediately report your suspicions to Child Protective Services.