Child sexual abuse is forced, tricked, or coerced sexual behavior between a young person and an older person.

Sexual abuse may consist of any one of the following acts: nudity, disrobing, genial exposer, observation of the child, kissing, fondling, masturbation, oral genital contact, child pornography, and sexual intercourse. There is no rule governing the age range between a victim and a perpetrator. However, when the perpetrator is under 18 years of age, often age discrepancy of five years has been required to verify cases of sexual abuse where there was no force involved.While many estimates have been made, the national incidence rate of sexual abuse remains unknown. The estimate that one in four girls and one in ten boys are abused prior to age 18 became widely known simply from being repeated.

Child sexual abuse has been reported up to 90,000 times a year, but the number of unreported instances is far greater, because the children are afraid to tell anyone what has happened (American Academy of Child &ump; Adolescent Psychiatry). Childhood sexual abuse is a traumatic experience affecting the lives of not only the victim, but those close to the victim as well.Many think there is only one person truly traumatized, but in fact, everyone involved is affected. The victim has to deal with their experience the rest of their lives. They may be more at risk for other mental issues as well, including depression.

The family involved has to deal with its pain, often causing hardship and conflict within the family. This is especially true when the perpetrator is a member of the family. Instead of focusing on the males sexually abusing children I would like to discuss female child sex offenders.Female sex offenders are not easily identified.

They do not tend to fit the stereotypes of male sex criminals. Sexual abuse by females, while not as common and definitely underreported as abuse by males, does occur. A 2007 report by the Center for Sex Offender Management says that one half of sex offender therapy programs provide services to females. Approximately 3,800 adult women and 2,700 adolescent girl offenders were receiving sex offender therapy services in 2007 -- a number that's nearly twice the number of those served in these programs two years prior.Four to eight present of reported cases of sex abuse were perpetrated by women.

An estimated 1. 6 million men and 1. 5 million women were sexually abused by women when they were children, and among male offenders convicted and sentenced sexual abuse crimes, 24. 6% of them were sexually abused by women. What makes these woman commit sexual abuse crimes is the fact that most of the woman have had experienced sexual abuse as children or teens and can have victimization histories twice the rate of men who sexually offend.

They may have history of alcohol and/or drug abuse and difficulties in intimate relationships; or an absence of intimate relationships. There are common categories that female offenders fit in such as Teacher/Lover: At the time of their offending, these women are often struggling with peer relationships. They see themselves as having romantic or sexually mentoring "relationships" with underage adolescent victims of their sexual preference, and therefore, did not consider what they are doing to be wrong or criminal in nature.Also Male-coerced: These women tend to be passive and dependent individuals with histories of sexual abuse and relationship difficulties.

Fearing abandonment, they were pressured by male partners to commit sex offenses often against their own children. As the number of child sexual abuse cases rise the court will sentence woman ranging from rape, felony, exploitation of children ,virtual pornography and molestation that can cause them to serve rest of their lives behind bars .I came across a case of Brooklyn high school teacher that has been involved in a sexual relationship with a 15 year of student. She was sentenced up to 4 years in jail charged with statutory rape.

Many others have committed sexually abusive crimes by bribing children and giving them drugs, sending nude photographs of them, phone calls and physically harming the child. Although most of the offenders receive proper punishment for their actions it is important to raise awareness of child sex abuse to minimize the child victimization.This brings me to introduce an organization that fights to stop child sex abuse. The name of the organization is Darkness two light. This is a nationwide organization that offers multiple prevention programs that are available both online and no nationwide location centers where prevention seminars are given.

The website also offers tools for parents to better educate their children and themselves about child sex abuse. Volunteering is also available for those who would like to make a difference. Out of the many prevention programs that Darkness 2 Light offers is Stewards of Children.This program is designed for organization, business, corporations and individuals that deal with children on daily bases to form polices against child sexual abuse enhance their knowledge and educate to prevent child sexual abuse. The cause can be taken online or at a facilitator location.

It only takes 3 to 5 hours of dedication to increase their awareness and know the actions and consequences that will help them in the future. Child abuse is a worldwide problem that with proper education and awareness, it can be reduced and several children can be protected.