The criminal sees not have to be present to commit crime; this means there Is a broader area to find victims.

They can interact virtually, scope the globe for potential new victims or crimes, and can stay anonymous. "A Kent man was arrested early Thursday on charges of possession and distribution of child pornography after a tip led police to his computer, police said. Detectives said they located evidence that 63-year-old Dean S. Porter had traded sexually explicit Images and videos Involving underage children.

The Images depicted girls ranging in age from about 6 to 17 years old and were traded using the internet, lice said (Media Group. 2013). " This example shows how this man used his computer to aid In the crime of child pornography. Harassment can be found anywhere including sitting alone in a room with no one around but a computer. Laws have sprung up since many of these different examples of online harassment. "In October a 19-year-old man was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail in the UK for posting what a judge called "despicable" comments on his Backbone page about a missing 5-year-old girl.

And in a highly publicized cyber bullying case, a Missouri woman was convicted in 2008 after prosecutors say she created a fake Namespace profile to befriend and then abandon a 13-year-old neighbor girl, leading the girl to hang herself (Grids, B. 2012). " Laws are being made to help prosecute and toys In 2009 over 100 Americans and Egyptians were arrested after a large international identity theft ring was discovered. The ring targeted two large banks which victimized over 5,000 U. S. Customers.

The compromising of the two banks was caused from "pushing" which is gaining personal information by sending phony emails from legitimate looking businesses. (Ferried, T. 2009) Organized crime has been around since the early sass's. It is defined as unlawful activity from a group for profits.

It is usually a secretive group which infiltrates members from society law abiding communities such as law enforcement, Judiciary members, and legislative. Extortion and bribery were used to control these members. Organized crime has taken on an increasingly transnational nature and with more open borders and the expansion of the Internet, criminals endangers the United States not only from within the borders, but beyond (Finale, K. 2010). " Today's organized crime interacts internationally with other criminal groups easily through he internet. They use computers to store information and transfer money while laundering it, run Internet-based sports betting, and can use technology to increase their borders for extortion and racketeering.

Criminal activities are now usually conducted within virtual criminal networks centered on online meetings. These networks are structured on "stand alone" basis, as members rarely meet each other in person and sometimes do not even have a virtual contact with other colleagues. This structure, together with access to the core operations granted only to trusted associates, prevents organized cybercafé groups from being detected and infiltrated by law enforcement. The computer systems' vulnerabilities and software are exploited to create crime ware such as viruses, Trojan, key loggers.