Fanatic Stephens Elements of Design ENG 225 Jonathan Belle July 15, 2013 "Marvel Studios delivers the ultimate comic-book film "The Avengers", which ties together such characters as Iron Man which was played by Robert Downey Jar. , Captain America who was played by Chris Evans, The Hulk played by Mark Ruffle, and Thro who was played by Chris Wentworth for a big-screen franchise team-up like no other.

Taking center stage this time is Nick Fury played once again by the note-perfect Samuel L. Jackson, leader of the peacekeeping agency known as S. H. I. E.

L. D.Fury, along with former Russian spy Black Widow played by Scarlet Johansson, recruits a super team to combat Thorn's ever-deceptive brother Loki which was played by Tom Hedonist after he brainwashes ace archer Hawked played by Jeremy Renee while stealing a cosmic cube from an underground base. Thus the heroes must learn to work together alongside outlaw scientist Bruce Banner also known as "The Hulk" as I stated before was played by Mark Ruffle, who can track down the artifact's gamma signals when he's not hulking out into a giant green moonsВ« ("Marvels the avengers", 2013).

The Director of the movie Marvels "The Avengers" is Joss Wooden in which has been involved in other television shows such s" Buff the Vampire Slayer" and "Firefly'. As the director, Joss Wooden was the driving creative force in this film's production, and acts as the crucial link between the production, technical, and creative teams. Joss Wooden is responsible for creatively translating the film's written script into actual Images and sounds on the screen he must visualize and define the style and structure of the film, then act as both a storyteller and team leader to bring this vision to reality.Hoedown's mall duties Include casting, script editing, shot compensation, shot selection and deleted ("Creative skill set", 2013). This was the director's overall role In the design process for this movie. The production designer for this movie Marvels "The Avengers" is James Chinned he plays a crucial role in helping the director to achieve the film's visual requirements, and in providing producer(s) with carefully calculated schedules which offer viable ways of making films within agreed budgets and specified periods of time.

James Chinned also carefully breaks down the script, then meets with the director to discuss how best to shoot the film, decide whether to use sets and or locations, what should be built and what should be adapted; whether there are usual themes that recur throughout the film; whether there are certain design elements that may give an emotional or psychological depth to the film; whether computer generated Imagery should be used.In which all of these things have to be looked at, discussed, and decided upon before any actual filming can take place. This Is the production designer's overall role In the design process of this movie ("Creative skill set", 2013). One in which are as follows Benjamin Delbert, Randy Moore, Greg Hooper, and Jan K. Engel. The Jobs as art directors for these people started way before the film even tarts filming which could be anywhere from eight weeks to four or five months depending on the film's budget.

These art directors have to oversee preparing the first sets and or locations required to film the movie and analyze the script to identify all props or special items that may require longer lead times. They also facilitate the production designer's creative vision for all sets and or locations that eventually give the film its unique visual identity and are also responsible for the art department budget and schedule of work, and help the production designer to maximize the none allocated to the art department ("Creative skill set", 2013).The artists utilized lighting in this scene in which was a sort of very dim lighting to give the audience a sense of Just how serious this scene was, to get the audience to pay close attention to what was taking place in this scene in order for the audience to get a good understanding of what was really going on despite the way that the scene was set up, so that the audience was prepare for the very unexpected outcome of this particular scene and get the Jest of the little bit of comedian twist that had also en added in this scene as well.As we take a look at this scene the character known as Black Widow played by Scarlet Johansson is in the middle of an so called interrogation with some Russian criminals but a comedian twist as been added because she is the one who is tied up to a chair and seems to be the one that is being interrogated but she is heard talking on the phone with an agent of S. H.

I. E. L.D stating that she was in the middle of an interrogation and could not be interrupted at that particular moment and also that the Russian criminals were giving her all the information that she needed in which further lets the audience know that she has intentionally allowed for herself to be put into this situation on purpose in order to get this information from these Russian criminals by letting them think that they had control over her and the situation at hand all the while when in actuality they did not have any control over her.As Black Widow is interrupted by the phone call she decides that she has all the information that she needed and ends the interrogation early and as easily as she allowed for herself to be put into it by beating up all of the Russian criminals and escaping from them in order to see what was going on at S.

H. I. E. L.

D and to find out why they had called her needing her help.The lighting in this scene affected our emotional understanding of the character Black Widow to show Just how talented and skilled that the character of Black Widow was and show the reasons why she was a part of this team of heroes and also her efforts in helping to put this team together as well. The mood that the dim type of lighting used in the scene was to give it an intense sense of a serious and dangerous type of mood.The sighting impacts the overall story the filmmaker is attempting to tell by showing the audience that this film has a very serious storyline and to also arouse the interests of the audience to keep them watching the film in order to see Just how the story is told and plotted out to get to the film's ending.

The setting of the movie Marvel' s "The Avengers" is specifically unknown but takes place in a time where there is a breach in global security and is being threatened and the need for Nick Fury and his team of super heroes are very much so needed in takes place in specifically unknown but seems to take place in an futuristic time eroded because there are the use of very evolved and very highly technological equipment within this movie. The culture surrounding this movie is that of one of chaos and where the existence of super heroes has been exposed to the world in order to save it.In which the world is force to quickly except the existence of these super heroes on Earth and threats unknown to the inhabitants of Earth in order to ensure the safety and well-being of Earth in order for it to be saved by the only ones who can save it in which is this team of amazing super heroes. Costuming can reflect the character's personality, culture, lifestyle, and environment; more than Just dressing the actor, costumes aid the story and the performer's immersion into the role.It is up to the costume designer to occupy the character's psyche and reflect it in the actor's wardrobe. The ways in which costuming can be used to reflect elements of a film's plot can be by reflecting the character's age , generation they are from, and or location in which they are from.

In which can reflect elements of the plot by giving an idea of what the main conflict will be based upon on age and or generation or concerning other elements that are in association with the plot.In the movie Marvels "The Avengers" the costumes in this movie play a very significant role in the film's story and in the film's plot because the film is about a team of super heroes who come together with a common goal and to fight a common enemy to eliminate a threat to global security and each one of these super heroes have their own specific costume that is associated with their specific character in the film and therefore required their own specific wardrobe throughout the filming of this movie.Hairstyle and makeup can help tell the story by offering visual clues about the harassers who are involved in the story. Hairstyle and makeup can reveal for instance a character's time period that they are in, the type of lifestyle that they live, and or social status that they belong to as well as many other aspects that can be revealed or given clues on with the use of hairstyle and makeup also known as hair and makeup in the entertainment business.

In the movie the Marvels "The Avengers" the use of hairstyles and makeup was not widely used in this film has it has been very significant in other films. The costuming was more widely utilized in this film Han the use of hairstyles and makeup but of course in most cases there is always some level of hairstyle and makeup that is used in filming. In my opinion the misses-en-scene of the scene of the movie the Marvels "The Avengers" was very well visualize.All of the misses-en-scene elements such as the setting, lighting, costume and staging are all very in tune and came together well in order to bring this scene and overall film into reality. Yes, I do believe that the elements of this scene and also in the overall movie appear to be harmonious.

No, I do not feel as though the scene seem to be discordant with the rest of the film. I feel as though this scene was well placed in the movie and served has a linking scene that showed how this team of super heroes came together to create the team known as "The Avengers".I also believe the design elements are very much so congruent with the filmmakers vision for this scene and also that the design elements continued to be congruent with the filmmakers vision for the entire movie from watching and get immersed in this film's action backed and its adventurous Journey that will keep its audience on the edge of their seats to the point that they cannot cake their eyes off of the screen until it is over Just to see how it ends and to see if this team of super heroes can come together and eliminate the global threat of security and bring peace and harmony back to the inhabitants of Earth once again.