Technology has taken a fundamental role in driving marketing activities in the economy. In essence, this revolutionizes the way marketers carry out their duties and provides new ways of conducting research. Technology has proven to be a powerful tool in the progress of any company.

The technological advances that yield to market penetration and company-customer relation are the best, which need to focus on enhancing communication, storage and processing of customer information. This is evident in the current marketing firms who invest heavily in the Information technology. Marketing is essential in creating knowledge and demand for a product (Achrol and Kotler, 1999, 22). This forms the basis why, as a marketing manager for a cruising company, I need to look into various technological platforms to increase business and attract many customers. As a marketing manager, I need to be well versed with the internet and use it appropriately. Internet marketing offers a wide venue to promote, a business, especially one dealing with leisure and cruises ships.

Undeniably, many people nowadays have to visit the internet for various reasons. This is where, as a manager, I can contact them and sell the business. I need to improve the company’s website to include images, text, and probably audio and video elements to help pass the company’s business online, which would inform both potential and existing customers about the benefits of our company’s products and services. Websites enhance direct marketing, which allows a company to identify and tap into new market segments (Shanklin & John K. Ryans, 1987, 232). Additionally, it enables a company to keep track of the competitors’ activities since online survey yields a lot of information.

Development of websites has helped organizations create a center of attention to new customers from all over the world. The customer needs only to use a keyword in the search for an appropriate product or service. Additionally, the use of online chats with customers allows organizations to reach out to the target market without leaving the organization premises. This has effectively reduced the operation cost and prompt reply to clients. This helps agents speak to many customers hence save money and time, which is scarce. On the other hand, the use of email responder has facilitated automated report on prospective customers.

This has made web technology a useful tool in reducing the cost of operation, time and human resource. As a manager, I need to use social media marketing because it is one of the fastest rising forms of marketing. Many peole, especially the young generation spend many hours on social media platforms. With a clever campaign, I would be able to reach quite a number.

It is important that the company has its own Facebook, Twitter, and probably Google+ accounts. It is also essential to understand search engine optimization, which entails developing the visibility of the company’s website in search engines through algorithmic or organic search results. SEO uses various ways of web search, including video search, local places search, web image search, as well as industry-specific vertical search engines, which would suit our kind of business perfectly. Anyone looking for relaxation or cruising services would be able to find us without having to search for a long time.

Optimizing the company’s website would entail editing the site’s content to enhance its significance to precise keywords and key phrases. It will also entail removing any barriers that would tamper with the indexing activities synonymous with search engines. Additionally, I need to promote our site to boost the number of inbound or back links. A totally new concept to most companies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, can be of great help in business. CRM is about the relationship a business has with its clients. It is extremely beneficial because it will shift our business focus from the services to the customers.

We would need to streamline our offers to what suit customers. A fine CRM system should be able to minimize customer complaints, wastage, and the overall cost. Furthermore, it will reduce customer churn rates and reduce trouble shooting and firefighting staff. Referrals to novel customers will also increase due to our satisfied customers. Marketing managers’ need to have an excellent command on the customers wants.

They need to build a correct picture of the customers’ requirements using the available resources.I could also make use of reputable advertising agencies. They are the best in determining the advertising route and undertake all the responsibilities from hosting to organizing and also managing the ads. Another form of advertising is the use of Ad serving systems.

They are very swift in delivering powerful ad servings and management solutions that are easy to use. This system will help me set up only relevant and interesting ads about our business. I intend to manage the ad inventory in an effective manner, maximize advertising revenue, and also minimize operational costs. With recent advancements in technology, I would prefer to use digital signage over the conventional one because it is easy to update information from any place. These are graphiccs used to display various messages and information to viewers.

They are displayed on buildings and streets to inform people about the different products and services. I would connect these digital displays to the internet so that I can update the signage from remote places. With digital signage, the company will enjoy maximum benefits of proficiency, affordable displays, and focused content to help me reach potential customers. It is all about presenting tailor-made content to suit my clients. Moreover, it is easy to update these systems even via SMS or Bluetooth.

Targeted viral marketing campaigns are amazing in generating brand awareness, especially when carried online. Nonetheless, I would encourage our esteemed customers to carry specific messages to other prospective cruisers, thereby creating an excellent growth in the exposure and influence of messages. Under viral advertising, I would use venues availed by games, video clips, images, and advertisements. I would market about our business via mediums such as social network platforms, emails, RSS feeds, and newsletters. It is all about voicing strong opinions and great ideas with conviction about our nature of business.

The Email is another social media platform used by almost everyone these days, whether for correspondence or for business purposes. In view of this, I intend to develop a viable email marketing campaign, which am sure would lead our company to increased revenue, higher conversion and explicit brand awareness. As a strategic manager, I also intend to collect data and web analytics on our website. These gathered data would be instrumental to improving strategies, implementing budget and also other enhancements within the company. Analyzing our website’s traffic will be instrumental in helping us plan for the future.

It is also essential that I get to know everything about content management systems (CMS). It refers to a computer program that lets one publish, edit, or modify content from a central interface. It is instrumental in offering viable procedures to manage workflow in a respectable environment.In conclusion, as explained by Consumers Unified LLC in their website, marketing managers are responsible for the overall company’s direction and goals. Therefore, they should develop strategies to promote the company’s image, products and services.

The managers should engage the following processes in producing an effective promotion and advertising tool. Firstly, they need to ensure that they recognize the proper market segment, a move that will ensure the product they sell get clients and reducing cost operation. Marketers also need to choose the correct media in projecting their messages.