This paper will show owe the invention has impacted our lives today vastly. We also predict how the television will change in the future as technology continues to evolve. History Television has evolved in a number of ways. Before television, individuals used radio for entertainment, however today for the best television viewing experience members of society own a AD flat screen plasma TV set.

Television was not as picture perfect in the beginning - in the sass's, John Logic Bird and Charles Francis invented the first mechanical television.A mechanical television uses two huge rotating disks to display scanned images or video signals (Stephens). The first disk inside the TV breaks into pieces, which then converts the light in the device to a cell that is then converted into electricity. The electricity is then sent to a receiver, which causes a bulb to flicker to create each image. John Logic Bird then worked with the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) to begin broadcasting the mechanical television and sold the first television in 1928 ("Television is developed").However, the mechanical TV needed a disk to display images; on September 7th, 1927 Phil Taylor Farnsworth invented a type of television that used electrons to show images.

The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) invested $50 million for the development for the electronic television. RCA began broadcasting the electronic system all over United States, Germany, England, Holland, France, and Italy (Stephens). Eventually in 1939, the first electronic black and white and cable television was introduced and sponsored by the RCA in the United States.By 1949, RCA employee David Sarongs had developed a color television tube, but the idea didn't become practical until Bell Labs developed a color system that could transmit signals in a black-and-white set.

As non as Sarongs and Bell labs developed a color system, the first color TV was introduced in the United States ("Television is Developed"). Two years later, Zenith introduced the first practical wireless TV remote called Space Command. The TV Techno remote works using two buttons to allow viewers to turn the TV on and change channels.By the late asses, 98% of U. S.

Homes had at least one and those sets were on for an average of more than seven hours a day ( Impact on the Human Health Humans are born with empty minds, in a blank state that will be filled experiences as time progresses. This is the blank state of theory also ink Rasa, which was proposed by John Locke in 1689 that states people will feel any emotions until they have experience the situation to attain the (Galois).Children, however, are prone to being influenced by foreign o they are still in the process of accumulating experiences to their bottle Soon after television had been invented, the different television genres spread rapidly to capture the attention of the society and the new buss Although the shows may entertain the audience, it affects us both posit negatively, depending on how society views the behavior of children an Research shows that there is correlation between media violence and vi behavior found in the society today.Adolescents, according to Eric Erik psychosocial stage of ego identity and role confusion where anything ca personality and change who they could be in the future. For example, s lives with an abusive family can be lead to either commit crimes or beck individual as to not repeat their history.

Unfortunately, this can be said individual who has come from a good home and family yet still they co crimes. Also the result of watching television has become inactive cause health problems for individuals.Michelle Obama, the first lady of the U has also noticed these problems, which lead her to create a program cal Move" to get people in better shape and encourage healthy eating as o being indoors for great periods of the time ("Learn the Facts"). Another would be a "couch-potato' which is defined as a person who spends the passively on the sofa without using any energy causing low metabolism health risks (Gardner, 2011). Couch potato derives from 1976 where vie or sit on the couch with potato chips in their hands as they are watching television sets.

In other words, couch-potatoes are people who prefer to sure time watching shows, rather than going outside, reading a book, doing any work in or out of the house. The chart below depicts the seep spent on leisure activity on an average day which watching TV consume than all the other activities including relaxing and thinking. Children WA roughly two hours a day may seem harmless, but this has a risk of incur and violent behavior if watching violent television shows (Seafarer). However, television has its positive outcomes.A number of programs b broadcasted have a wide variety of genres to entertain and motivate vie o the past, the system is part of the leisure time spent with or without long day of work or to relieve stress or to pass time. At the same time, t broadcasted can bring enjoyable experiences to spur a change in hob cooking channels to influence an individual to start learning to cook as career or for one's own pleasure, sports channels can inspire people to move around with their friends rather than spending time inside their houses.

Education shows like Sesame Street and Blues Clues can help children with their development in motor, cognitive, and speaking skills. The variety of genre of films can vie positive impact on human health as the history channel would enlighten a viewer on certain topics that they never knew before or the news broadcast station to stay on up-to-date of current issues around the world. Impact on the Society In society, children are more likely to fall into the propaganda of violence due t their strong sense of curiosity and their intrinsic motivation which encourages them to explore the world more (Kaplan, 2012).Child development are based on the nature and nurture theory as time progresses, where experiences and external factors can change the type of person or affect their personality in the future. So, in terms of impact that the television may have on the still-growing minds of children can be both positive and negative according to how each of their brain interpret the information is taken. The negative effect on children and the society is that the system can cause isolation among individuals who can be affected by ideas given by certain shows they watch alone or with friends.

Not only does the television affect the mentality of the young minds but also how they will view society based on how the show depicts it. Since social media was invented it has grown at a rapid rate ever the years, which is now being used by a wide range of people. From the creation of social media came another branch called social networking, which is now arguably one of the biggest inventions this generation.Social media is now being combined with networking which has made it even easier to use, for example; Youth is now connected to Twitter and Backbone now, making it even easier to use, as we no longer have to go to two different websites to do these things. With the intensity of social media and networking growing at vast rates, more people are getting the hang of using them.

This means that more people are now staying connected. However with that being said, the use of social media and networking has increased with use of Television while benefiting both technologies.The social media and social networking allows viewers to share their experiences with what they Just watched with other members from all over the country and or the world (Gendarmes). Television broadcasting allows users to watch certain shows on the social media if they could not watch it at that certain time. The mutual relationship that both technologies have allows more so of the television to survive in the competitive chemical field regardless of the limit of functions they could offer (Won & An, 2011).Social Media has help the system in providing advertisements for upcoming shows that will be broadcasted first on air then later streamed over the internet.

Television currently has social media to start live conversation about events occurring in certain places such as the incident of the revolution in Egypt and the Olympics. This would encourage more people to become active in current issues not only in their own country but the wellness of others as well through expressing opinions and emotions.Twitter uses a feature call washrag which is the pound symbol with certain text following after it to express their feelings at that moment and which news broadcasting stations reads during their coverage of the events. In current society, the age that uses social media does not limit to only teenagers but also of all ages now. Colonization becomes important because the network can help connect them to other people who are farther away (Coffee & Clarke-Pearson, 2011).

Television has also been known to bring advantages for politicians in their presidential campaigns such as the debate between Richard Nixon and John F.Kennedy or Eisenhower EKE commercial. TV spots become hard to access during the election period as candidates rushes to gain air time among the other broadcasts even towards current time period. A twenty-second television time or TV spots was not as popular during the sass's because Governor Thomas Dewey claims it to be "undignified" so the broadcast was more based on a half an hour live speech given by the candidates instead ("Presidential Campaign Commercial").

However, the television serves as an advantage and disadvantage for the users since live broadcasting can have a tremendous effect on their public image.For example, the presidential debate between candidate Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy serve as the comparison between how one can boost their public image by showing a composed and confident figure as to the other who is pale and is lacking charisma (Wobble, 2010). Due to the use of television, Kennedy was able to win the election and became the thirty fifth president of the United States.

Current presidential campaigns involve the battle over the use of TV spots as the graph below displays the spending by Barack Obama and Mitt Rooney in the 2012 election (Andrew, Keating, & Yours, 2012).Another example of how television helped the candidates was the elections between Dwight Eisenhower and Dalai Stevenson. Eisenhower uses the TV spots to his advantage where several commercial are titled "Eisenhower Answer America" and this allows him to answer questions from ordinary citizens, appealing to the nation ("Presidential Campaign Commercial"). The use of television creates an impact on the society because the system helps people choose who their president will be to lead the country. Answering questions from citizens and broadcasting the scene help Eisenhower to reach his voice to the public to vote for him.

This also lead toEisenhower to victory over Stevenson of 422 to eighty-nine electoral votes. With the success of many hit popular commercials and programs on television, there has been a lot of controversy on what has been shown on television, which viewers find the content inappropriate, sexually explicit, or Just flat out absurd. Numerous of complaints from individuals and organization complain about the performance of American television (Smocks, Chaffed, Eastman, & Macomb's, 1978, p. 128).

For example, Sports draw huge audiences, the most watched TV event of all time is the Super Bowl (Smocks, Chaffed, Eastman, & Macomb's, 1978, p. 3).One of the best parts of the event is the Super Bowl commercials. On Super Bowl 47, cheerios showed a commercial featuring an interracial couple and their adorable child. In the commercial, the child ask her mom is it true cheerios is good for your heart? The mom graciously told her yes thus, the adorable child dump the box of cereal on her dad while he was sleeping.

The next day, the commercial received negative response because of the interracial couple being in the commercial. Interracial family drew so many racially motivated hate comments on Youth that the video-sharing website shut down the commercials comment section.The comment section had been filled with references to Nazis, troglodytes and racial genocide. This time next year on Super Bowl 48, a coca cola commercial feature a multilingual rendition of "America the Beautiful".

Coca Cola multilingual commercial was meant to showcase the country diversity and patriotism but instead revived backlash on social media for using different languages in the commercial. For example, radio host Glenn Beck from "The Blaze" told his listeners that the ad is selling a divided America. Todd Stares of Fox News tweeted "Couldn't make out that song they were singing.I only peak English.

", "So was Coca-Cola saying America is beautiful because new immigrants don't learn to speak English? " and, Coca Cola is the official soft drink of illegal's crossing the border. #unrealistically" (Stacks, 2014). Additionally, on January 28, 2014 a hit Disney channel show called "Good Luck Charlie" air the episode called "Down with a Tree". In the episode the parents Amy and Bob arrange a playmate for the child Charlie and one of her friends. In a shocking turn of events, Charlie's friends parents are a lesbian couple.

This episode is the first ever lesbian couple on Disney Channel.After the episode aired, the five year old actress that plays the character Charlie Aim Tolerance received death threats. Tolerance began receiving disturbing messages on her Mainstream page in including graphic images and calls for her to "die in hell" (Monde, 2014). Her mother contacted Disney's security and she contacted the LAP. Tolerance was the target of anonymous harassment and threats against her life posted online.

Television in Culture By sass's, the world is also starting to accept the development of television across the countries where they have begun to broadcast their own programs.Soon after, the system has been modified continuously for different purposes such as accepting other languages where if one is in America, the person can view other programs in a different languages depending on which nation the station is from. Some personal experiences of watching television from other countries include very few English language channels when staying at hotels of high tourist attractions. Germany has most of one or two channels to allow tourists to watch current news in English.

While European countries are able to provide few English-speaking channels,Asian countries do not. So, if American tourists are looking for updates on their country situation, it is best to rely on the internet. Unless the people are staying at cities of the country that are populated by high tourist attraction, there are likely to be English newspaper in few cases. BBC is an example of a popular program from a different country that America has love for certain shows like Sherlock Holmes or In Your Garden. NBC and RCA are other stations that broadcast similar showings like BBC; sports, dancing films, and live announcements. Future Predictions of TelevisionThe future of the television system is dwindling among the changing society where technology is changing the way TV shows are being viewed.

Few experts predict that not many people will have time to watch their show at the scheduled time which they will resort to using the internet to stream whenever they want and giving them a more flexible management of their time. Companies are now working around the system to allow the customers to view shows on their mobile smartness or devices that can be stream anywhere and anytime unlike the stationed mechanical block sitting in the house.Also, some companies such as Panasonic are bringing internet to the television machine where they can view application or stream the web on a bigger screen for better entertainment. Television, the system itself, is slowly changing their original form to adapt the advancing technological society to meet the fast paced lifestyle that the people live in. Though the television may not be able to survive in the future due to the wide spread of internet access, the system still provide uses for electronic comma to expand ways of viewing television shows.Given from past history on the placement of the mechanical television and the velveteen from black and who screen to colors, the technology is still improving to make the society's lifestyle eases and entertaining them.

The television set is an amazing invention to be able to broadcast live events and films in different languages as well as in colors that pee began to make it part of their leisure activity. Social media's strengths against the television is that there are long-term benefits and earned media while the TV has more wide-reaching impact on sales from experiences they did (Mike, 2012).