As technology continues to grow, we slowly became more reliant and addicted to It. Technology was created to Increase productivity but many abused It for some sort of entertainment. In the article, "Technology taking a toll on a reality," by Brim Llama, she discusses the effects of modern technology. Technology improved the quality of our lives but at the same time it became an addiction and obsession. In today's standard, technology has become a necessity and "it would be super hard to get through school without a personal computer" stated by Ally Morgan, a senior tidying political science (Prompt).Our lives have changed because of technology, and technology have affected our social life, the reality of the world we live In, and some have even decided to escape into the "cyber space" in order to avoid reality.

This is only the beginning of our social media concerns, "It may not quite be an addiction yet, but at the rate people use the Internet on their phones, tablets, laptops, etc. , many may go stir crazy if the internet is not at the edge of their fingertips at all times (Prompt). I agree with the article's title, "Technology taking a toll n a reality," that technology are extremely beneficial but at the cost of something precious.Technology were meant to solve problems people encountered, but in contrast technology created more problems such as the ability to comprehend, to think critically, the ability to resist social media or even spending the time to read. In the article, "Growing up Digital, Wired for Distraction," by Matt Richter, he introduces a story regarding how technology change a young man's life.

Visual was mentioned to be "one of the brightest kids In school," by his teacher, but he suffered In academic tanning.Visual failed many class and receive several [Yes and Ifs however there was an explanation for them, technology and social media. Visual is extremely talented in flimflamming and therefore spends a majority of his free time polishing his skills, which led to his failure in his high school courses. Despite falling behind in his academic classes, he was able to achieve and maintain an A In his flimflamming elective course. Visual found his lifelong goal but he was not able to pursuit it because he inherited a common trait, "Visual, Like his mother, says he lacks the self-control to favor schoolwork over the computer" (Richter 3).Visual have the skills and assets to succeed in his career but he does not have the perquisite skills to reach his goal.

In spite of his academic performance, technology is crucially valuable to him, "if it weren't for the internet, I'd focus more on school and be doing better academically," he says. But thanks to the Internet, he has discovered and pursued his passion: flimflamming. Without the Internet, "l also wouldn't know what I want to do with my life" (Relate 7). Technology had proven to be beneficial for Visual but at the cost of is education.According to the article, "The Tin Woodman" by Jeremy Ball, he states that technology is neutral but rather how technologies are used. He mentions that, "clearly technology has done some amazing things in health care, transportation, the efficiency on certain tasks, and etc.

But ironically, It appears that each solution vehicles, and offered car(s) to individuals in order to shorten the travel time while the distance covered remains the same. Cars and other vehicles have made traveling much more convenient but at cost of money and time. In order to afford the car, you just devote more time into working.Ball also claims, "We then buy more time-saving devices: automatic coffee makers, dishwashers, microwaves, powered lawn mowers, etc. Again to afford and maintain all these time saving devices mandates a large amount of our time..

. Has our quality of life improved in proportion to all this technology advancement? " (Ball 65) My answer is, No! We choose to adapt and use those technologies due to our laziness to clean or to make a cup of coffee. Technologies are slowing controlling the creator, but we have the option to get used to it or be free from it.Technology may be the solution for one problem but at the same time, it is the beginning of another. I am personally addicted to technology but I contradict myself for disliking technology simultaneously.

Technologies changed our lives and move us to a higher standard of living but the expectations for the people had also risen. Technology has slowly substituted the center of our entertainment from the real world into the cyber world. As technologies are becoming more and more developed and sophisticated; communications between human may be forever done through social media.