Importance of student life The student life is the most important period of our life. Our future hopes depend upon it. At this time our mind is like clay. Clay is a very soft thing. The potter makes various things with this clay. Like clay, our mind also can be shaped in different ways. If the pots etc. are once made by the potter, their shapes cannot be changed. Similarly* if our character is once formed in one way, it cannot be changed easily. If we receive good training in our student life, we shall be good citizens in our future life.

If, on the other hand, we do not receive good training, we shall not be good men in future. We should, therefore, be very careful. We must take care so that we may receive good training in our student life. What the student should learn We must learn many good things in our student life. Our main duty is to learn our lessons at school. We must "gain knowledge. Our character must be good. If we become men of character, people will love us. Our teachers will take great care of us. A boy of bad character cannot become a great man. We must learn discipline.

Strict discipline at schools is very good for us. it teaches us obedience, punctuality, diligence, regularity, good manners and forbearance. We must learn perseverance. It is at the root of all success. If we are idle, we cannot prepare our lessons. Idle men are never happy. They suffer much. Everybody hates them. All great men of the past were persevering. Hence *re must persevere. If we fail once, we shall try again and again. We must learn the value of time. We should do everything in time. Time will not wait for us. If time is once gone, we cannot get it back.

Our work also is not finished. Hence we must not idle away our time. We must take care of our health. If our health is bad, we cannot do anything. Our whole life becomes miserable. A man with bad health dies early. Therefore, we must improve our health. We must be obedient. We shall do what our parents and teachers tell us to do. Obedience is a great virtue for a student. An important part of a student's life is his social life at school. We mix with other boys in the class-room and play-ground. This exercises a great influence in shaping our character. Here we learn the important lesson f give and take, co-operation, easy social manners and thought for others. But we must be careful so that we may not come in touch with bad boys. Conclusion The student life is the best part of a man's life. At this time our main work is to read and play. We should not think of anything else. When we are students, we are free from cares and anxieties. Our heart is very soft. Our mind is very simple. We pass our time very happily. But if we do not perform our duty, we shall not be happy in future. Hence we must do our duty. We shall then be happy and prosperous in our future life.