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Wishes to work on Computerized Student's Violation Record record-keeping scheme, in preparing some proposals the researcher have engaged methodologies to gather some information and data. This was as a result of the realization on the needs for an efficient and effective automated system given the Incompetent nature of the manual systems in place visit-?-visit the dynamic nature of Information technology and the wide array of Information needs.In addition, as part of Informal consultation prior to the Issue of this document, the searcher conduct an Interview to the administrators, providers and employers and asked them their Idea on the benefits of good record-keeping. This study will sustain the specific needs and improvements for the Stop. Rosaries Japans Play College Prefect of discipline office.

The study will also provide a systematized way of keeping the wealth of information and resources inside the office.This could also be an alternative way to lessen and save on licensing cost for purchasing proprietary software solutions, by developing own record keeping system using some new theologies. The school's record management program as a whole were less active in both traditional records management and less aggressive in acting on issues of electronic records management, including taking all steps to protect their records and Information.Although the role of the records manager Is increasing In scope, due to Limited resources many agencies have reduced staffing and level of staffing to the extent that the future of Information In the form of records Is Increasingly at risk. The current accommodation application process involves students as well as the Prefect of Discipline officer to fill a paper-based application form which takes a long time to process. The Computerized Student's Violation Record is introduced as a

net/computers/theoretical-background-for-computerized-enrollment-system/">computerized system to ease the pressure on students and administrators.The new system will help to eliminate the paper-based applications thereby speeding up processing as details will be captured in the database. This will help to eliminate the delays caused by the sequential checking of each student's violation record. The system will check automatically for the previous record of the student's violation once he user type the surname or ID number of the student. The proposed system will use Microsoft visual basic 6. 0 Express Edition, Microsoft word processor, Microsoft excel, Microsoft access, and Structured Query Language.

To Identify system requirements the observation and Interview methods of data collection were also used. The study identified the major problems faced by the use of manual filing automated school records management system. Recommendations such as user training and awareness and anti-virus update installations will ensure smooth functionality and system availability. This project report will act as a fundamental guide or tool to manage system evaluation and decision making.Introduction Through man's knowledge and creativity, the world has been changed, from the prehistoric tools of the primitive man up to the modern machineries, the advancement in technology and the state-of-the-art hardware and software that man uses nowadays, makes our community march onward in an expeditious civilization and industrialization.

The world we live in has been transformed immensely with the advent used of the information. At this time, almost every aspect of the human life is influenced by the paid advancement of technology providing us with the novel opportunities and fresh challenges at the same time.This is manifested in all sectors of the economy: communication, education, health services, entertainment, finance, publishing, retailing, and other areas. Indeed, information technology has made the indelible mark in our lives, making everyday living possible without it.

Computerizing is basically concerned with the automation of task using computer-based information system. This process with the people involved in doing a certain task, which being replaced by particular machineries. Computerizing would also mean less effort exerted, sine manual can be done in shorter span of time.In any organization, computer is a necessity.

Computerizing to an organizational establishment is important in order to do task easily and efficiently. We live in the Information age, and because we do, information literacy has become universal currency- the single common denominator required for success at any stage of life. This is especially true for us who, now more than ever, must be equipped to access, use and evaluate information competently in both print and electronic formats. The introduction and use of computer cannot be over emphasized.Often time, its application has resulted in the fast transformation of the way records are stored and utilized in various organizations and the society in general. This has contributed to the growth and systemic organization of co-operate records.

The importance of computer in record keeping can be defined as one of the most useful modern means of collecting, updating, controlling, recording, and storing of information for future usage by any resourceful organization. In the history the act of "RECORD KEEPING" were basically performed on ablest, stone, animal skin and many other forms were also designed.However, over the years, with the advent of modern technology, things have changed tremendously for better. Science and researches have come up with an efficient electronic machine called "computer" that can perform wonders in various capacity and of such is the No single development within the past five decades has a greater impact on record keeping system, accounting and business management system than the advent of computer application.

Computers are widely used in the field of engineering, medicine, education, automobile technology, agriculture, economic landing.However, the most spectacular growth has been in the field of business organization. Similarly, tasks such as record keeping which requires repetition for various sets of data are ideally suited for computer system. Computer has many capabilities that make it a special machine. Literature Review One of the most significant steps in case study is conducting the literature review. Through this part, the readers can familiarize to the study of the researcher.

The related and previous studies presented in this part would give the readers and future researchers, an idea of the proposed system.The researcher selected and reviewed these studies and previous works to provide information for the readers. Nigerian school record keeping Over the years, Nigerian school administrators, especially, the Calamity's schools had paid Lip services to the proper keeping of records. All these schools do is simply teach and graduate students.

However as observed by ANTI, (2000:12) in 1964, a headmaster of one primary school in our neighboring Bausch State was faced with one serious experience. A form containing many questionnaires about one of the old pupils of the school who was nominated to be appointed as the chairman of theFederal Public Service Commissioner was given to him to complete. The pupil graduated many years before the headmaster even went to primary school. Therefore, the headmaster did not know the man personally and did not know what to write about him. The only solution available to the headmaster was to turn to the school records. The school records showed the year the pupil was admitted, the year he passed out, the records of his good academic performance, records of annual prizes given to the pupil among others and the records of student's violation.

It was these records that helped the headmaster to correctly and accurately filled he form that assisted the person to be successfully appointed. Samara State Record Keeping System Technology innovations had influenced man's work, from data processing, business transactions, research, planning, monitoring and even in medical operations in man's body is now entrusted to computer technology. Samara State University (US) as one of the University in Samara Island aims to be the center of excellence in education had recently made changes to some of its existing systems. The record keeping of US is now computerized, and other systems are on its way.

This only show that they are opining with the latest technology. The Record Keeping of US aims for accurate, user friendly, efficient system that can help both the student and personnel for fast data processing of records. Anger. Heeded Hashish's, a Japanese volunteer headed the from the College of Engineering and Arts and Sciences assisted him. The system that is web based uses PH programming language with data stored in Myself.

Records management in Finland Every authority in Finland has to have a records management sculled according the archival legislation. This schedule should include all records despite their formats.The schedule or plan contains directives about the registration, filing, retention periods and publicity. Records are grouped according to the functions to which they are related. The life-cycle of documents is considered in advance.

Authorities determine the retention period of their records, but the National Archives determine which records shall be preserved permanently. This schedule or plan should also be drafted and approved by the authority leadership during the project. Morocco University Reconsidering The Reconsidering policy establishes a framework for best practice reconsidering at Morocco University.It incorporates the requirements of the legislative environment as well as principles and practices endorsed by Australian standards, in particular AS ISO 15489-2002 Records Management. Morocco University is subject to the provisions of the State Records Act 20001. The purpose of this Act is to ensure accountability and transparency in the reconsidering practices of State and Local Government agencies (including public universities) in Western Australia by regulating the creation, retention and disposal of records in accordance with principles and standards issued by the State Records Commission.

Methodology The methodology for the study comprised three parts Collecting qualitative information, including conducting interviews and carrying out documentary research about the current record keeping procedure and gaining an understanding on the information and process flows involved The data collection instruments used to gather accurate information about the existing system and the requirements for the new system were interviews, questionnaires and observations with the people involved.Observation of the current process was done at the Prefect of Discipline Office in order to find out how the existing process functions, the problems encountered and how they can be solved by the new computerized system. Reconsidering is a vital part of organizational processes and functions, for what special functions and goals organizations are built. Keeping records/documents is storing them and making them available to the public in terms of privacy. Records/ documents are made to be available.

It is a part of their democratic nature. Reconsidering and records management should be steered and planned. The records management is mainly seen as a normal IT project focusing on records. It includes planning, organizing and managing resources needed to bring about the implosion of the project goals planned in advance. Leadership steering, management style and organizational development are important factors when managing an organization and records as a vital part of a successful organization.Education and general information enable a significant organizational change and especially change in thinking and acting, which requires motivation of employees to support the change.

It requires a deeper understanding of the whole governance system and the organizational architecture. Organizational reconsidering principles and a records classification scheme (FCC) tit divisions, groups and indexes should be fitted to the records management plan including electronic records in the ARMS. Records have been filed, divided and indexed into groups too plan.In some case study the researcher is interested in studying how records are available to citizens with democratic control and supervision in mind. Archives and records management theory is used to investigate best practices I.

E. How records are stored and their usability ensured and how they are preserved for future use and especially found for organizational use in archives repositories or in electronic (computed eased) records management systems (I. E. Digital environment vs.

. Paper based / physical archives in repositories/organizational archives spaces).The purpose is to concentrate on listing out best practices of keeping records in a public organization towards theory. Records management in the public sector authorities is based on laws (for examples: Act on the Openness of Government Activities; Archives Act) and the practical work is conducted by using records management plans for archival purpose regulated by laws.

The purpose of law regulations is to improve and regulate the use of records ND information-seeking in an organizational archive (paper based/electronic) formed and structured by a records management plan. Management of documents, records and archives. The idea of integration of these two systems can be developed towards a best practice framework for records and archives management (best practice framework). The best practice can be measured from three aspects within an integrated framework by client-satisfaction service (service control to client-satisfaction), cost-effective management process (process control) and best value records (product control to best value of records).Service control means the delivery of the service can be measured by the sustainability and consistency of service to the satisfaction of the clients. The indicators would be availability, accessibility and readability of and timely access to records.

Process control means that the process of records and archives management can be measured by its integrated frameworks. The indicators would be effectiveness, economy and efficiency to records management process.Analysis Record keeping become increasingly difficult to handle to an organization and business, especially whom many equipment and property entering to and hereby of adequate time to evaluate and storage to organization that's its proper register. However, through computers and vast databases available nowadays, keeping the recorder large volume seems to be a natural phenomenon, to an organization requiring a proper place to store all essential information.

Through this spoilage or misplacing records can be avoided, and information can acquire in Just a click away. Due to this, the researcher comes up with the computerizing aiming for an enormous innovation and improvement in the existing manual system. The use of computers is the best solution the researcher thinks that would answer the existing robber in terms of operations and functions of record keeping for the student's record of violations in Stop. Rosaries Japans Play College.The software may be applied in any situation for which it potential procedures and standards are meeting in particular organization.

The develop system is a potential application system that can be considered as a Business Software for which it contains a large array of database where information stored can be accessed and retrieve. It also facilitates business operations that can be used established programs and projects for further improvements of the school's enterprise.Conclusion Based on the results of data that the researchers gathered, the Computerized Student's Violation Record will be the best solution to Record keeping management problems at CRAPS as it will provide easy access on the student's violation record with Just a click on the mouse. It will become easy for the user to immediately search the student's record once needed. It will also lessen the user's workload, save the time and make a better registrar circulation and processes.

Recommendation The proposed system is the good solution that can carry out the problems in manual yester of the Prefect of Discipline office.The researcher recommends this study to achieve better and efficient way of managing the records. For future researchers, the researcher recommends this to develop the system for more improvement in functions and additional features in order to achieve its desired perfection. The researcher recommend having the proposed system to the administration to a better error free, and organized flow or enrollment system to help the Prefect of Discipline office lessen the time and work consume using the manual system. References and Appendices