It is vivid that much of the success of the company has been as a result of the leadership skills ND techniques that Steve Jobs applied in the company. For example, he is marked to be smart, a great coordinator and communicative. As a result of the great achievement that Steve Jobs has achieved in his career through his leadership style; this has made him popular and the like of the people, especially in the business world. There have been a number of writers who have tried to keep the trends and the traits of Steve Jobs alive.They have written books, articles in the magazines and journals and in the web sites.

A good example is Walter Caisson, who published an article in the Journal of "Advances in Management". According to Caisson (201 1), the world has not really experienced an individual that has influenced, shaped, defined and reshaped a range of companies in the industrial world today. However, the impact that Steve Jobs has impacted in the business world today is one of its kinds. This has left many people admire him and the way he carries out his activities in his life.

Walter Caisson has presented to somewhat personal as well as public account of an individual who defied conformist leadership technique plus shaped his own tats, directing him to equal measure of both glory and grief (Caisson, 2011). Jobs developed the skill of simplicity: this greatly influenced the way he carry out his daily tasks and also helped him achieve his great success today. This developed at a time when he was working at Atari for a night shift after dropping out of college.He discovered that Atari games had come with no manual plus they required no complexity such that a freshman could easily figure them out. According to Steve Jobs, simplicity is that which comes from conquering rather than simply ignoring or implement. Out of this simplicity; this is when he realized that he would come up with a small thing that would be users friendly and convenient to use rather than challenging them.

Consequently, this lead to development of pod interface, which has no buttons and in addition is small in size, pocket fitting.The team members whom he was working with were to some extent in great doubt of what Steve Jobs was implying. However, they later on employed his idea and implemented it fully. Consequently, this gave arise of pods that lack the on/off power button.

Another trait hat Steve Jobs had, was taking responsibility end to end. This was one of his greatest personalities, which was indeed controlling; however, it was driven by his enthusiasm for making stylish products as well as perfection. This made him have great experiences in his career as well as his general life.It was an advance that did not for all time make best use of short term earnings, other than in a globe overflowing with worthless things, hard to make out error posts, as well as annoying crossing point, it resulted to shocking products discernible by charming user understanding.

Steve Jobs also believed that the mark of innovative company or business enterprise is not only that it should come up with new ideas at first. Rather, it should know how to leapfrog whenever it finds itself lagged behind Bobs, 2011).This one of the experience that Steve Jobs had; this was at the time when he was coming up with the idea of the original mimic. He really put a lot of focus on building it and ensuring that it is useful for managing a user's video and photos.

However, it did not work out has he may have thought in terms of dealing with music. The mimic slot drive had no ability to burn CDC; this made him feel like a dope. Instead of upgrading the mimic CD drive so as to simply catch up, he come up with an integrated system that would consequently transform the music industry Bobs, 2011).The consequences of this innovation were a combination of the tunes Store, the pod and the tunes. This would easily allow the users to manage, store, share buy and play music in a better way than any other music players.

In conclusion, the traits as well as the life of Steve Jobs have greatly motivated the lives of a big number of people in the world today. His life, memories of his great achievements, leadership skills and motivation he has will always linger in the mind of people for ages.He motivated people not to be slaves to focus groups, to bend reality, to always push on for perfection among others. People have now started putting into consideration of both the science and humanities in any of their innovations.

This has greatly influenced the economic world in a mighty way, resulting to growth and development. References Caisson, W. (2011). Steve Jobs.

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