My career dream is to become a nurse. For me, becoming a nurse is the ultimate goal in life which unless I attain, my full potential cannot be fully exploited, hence the reason why I want to pursue nursing to the highest standards possible. Since my childhood, I have always wanted to become a nurse and serve in my community. My desire has been strengthened by my parents who have strived to save enough to ensure that I receive quality education; in turn I worked hard and attained a high cumulative GPA.     In my personal experience I identified two significant questions that were decisive for my professional life, and it felt like a constant battle in my head, always trying to decide between two different worlds. Those questions were: 1. Do I become a professional that would feel realized and passionate for what I do? 2. Do I become a professional for ego or for the only reason of achievement power and prestige? I found that becoming a nurse would be professions that will help me make big impact in my community. I also know that based on the department of labor job bank data there is a shortage of nurses in the USA and for that reason is one of the professions that is on demand now a days for the next ten years. I also considered when I was in Korea to become a Doctor but I also found that it can take quit some time before can start serving my community. I have worked as a nurse in the past in a community hospital whereby I helped the health provider to streamline its nursing system which was adversely affected by fraudulent employees who were taking advantage of a weak reporting system. I also used my nursing knowledge to help the population especially the needy. I have contributed to the nursing community by getting involved in substance abuse awareness campaigns for teens to enlighten them on effects of substance abuse.  I also get involved in campaigns sponsored by different interest groups which are aimed at promoting career growth amongst the youths from the community living near my home town.  Serving in the community has helped me to understand that, despite someone’s’ weaknesses, serving in the community can bring out the leadership qualities in a person. To excel academically, one needs to receive quality education. This is the reason why I really need the Scholarship so as to be able to achieve my academic goals.  The course I am pursuing is very central to a nurse as it is designed to instill in nurses’, important concepts both theoretical and practical knowledge necessary in the nursing profession. For one to succeed as a nurse and indeed as a social worker the drive to do well must be present in the person, a nurse must be able to take initiatives as well as to offer guidance and care. If granted the Scholarship, I am likely to perform well in my studies and graduate with good grades.  Later in my career life, I intend to pursue goals and causes that will involve serving my community and the nation in truthfulness. Conclusion A Scholarship is the only chance for me to advance my academic performance and my personal leadership skills so as to come out of the college a better social worker, ready to serve my community and country.  I have in the past been spending a lot of time raising my tuition money but since the Scholarship will take care of my tuition money, I will have more time to study ad also participate in community activities. Works cited Barkley, Nella, and Sadburg, E.  Taking Charge of Your Career.  New York:  Workman Publishing, 1995.