After reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, I have been inspired by her courage, faith, and determination. Anne’s heartfelt words motivate many to be the best person they can be. Anne’s positive outlook under great duress is an example to all.

Anne Frank’s diary switches from the tiresome daily routines to discussing the horrors of what is taking place outside of the annex. It is her thoughtful moments that reach out to me and challenge me to make the world a better place. Anne writes about the changes she begins seeing in herself.On Saturday, March 25, 1944, Anne wrote “You never realize how much you have changed until after it’s happened.

I have changed quite drastically, everything about me is different: my opinions, ideas, critical outlook. Inwardly, outwardly, nothing is the same. And, I might safely add, since It is true, I have changed for the better” (234). Here, Anne indicates that change can be a good thing. Often people see change as a negative, but Anne deals with it in a positive manner. Although everything going on around her seems to be going downhill, Anne finds the courage to change herself for the better.

Anne Frank was always accountable for herself and her actions. On Saturday, July 15, 1944, Anne said “I have a great deal of self-knowledge. In everything I do, I can watch myself as if I were a stranger. I can stand across from the everyday Anne and, without being biased or making excuses, watch what she is doing, both the good and the bad. This self-awareness never leaves me, and every time I open my mouth, I think ‘you should have said that differently’ or ‘that is fine the way it is’ (325).

Anne Frank never made excuses or blamed other people for her problems or actions.She took responsibility for her faults and made a vow to change them. Anne’s questioning herself is a method of self-evaluation, which serves, once again, to make herself a better person. Anne Frank believed in self-improvement. On Thursday, July 6, 1944, Anne wrote “How noble and good everyone could be if, at the end of each day, they were to review their own behavior and weigh up the rights and the wrongs.

They would automatically try to do better at the end of each new day and, after a while, would certainly accomplish a great deal” (321). Anne felt that if everyone reflected upon their behavior, they could find areas to advance in.If you pay close attention to your actions, and try your hardest to change the damaging ones, a big difference can be made. Think of how much more you could achieve if you fixed every one of you faults.

Based on Anne Frank’s entries, I have been motivated to make a difference in my community. Since Anne put a lot of her focus into developing herself into a better person, I believe it would be a good idea to help others do the same. I would like to start an organization to assist troubled teens. It’s so easy for teens these days to be driven down the wrong path.

More and more teens fall into peer-pressure and bad habits.If not stopped and reversed, this can lead to a lifetime of negative consequences. My organization would help these troubled teens realize their potential and help them overcome the traps of negative thinking and attitudes. We will teach them responsibility and get them back on the right track. We will help them develop values that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. We will teach them to respect themselves and others.

The name of my organization would be Advancing Attitudes. We will offer counseling, tutoring, a sports program, and other activities and events.If I can teach the teens in my programs to have the same courage and determination as Anne Frank had, then there is no doubt that they will be able to overcome their adverse circumstances. Although Anne Frank was only a teenager, she has influenced me and many others in a way that no one else could. With positive views, just like Anne’s, almost anything can be accomplished.

Despite the horrors of war surrounding her, Anne Frank found the willpower to make herself a better person. If everyone went about their lives just as Anne did, the world would be a better place.