Reflection Essay My Reflection Essay Being the billionth paper that I wrote in this class, I thought my observational essay was pretty good. It had decent wording in it, consisted of many different techniques of writing, and was just overall well written. To write this paper, I started a week in advance. I went to my dad's house and sat in his office for about 5 hours writing the entire paper, while taking a few breaks of course! The office was totally quiet, which is one factor that I require in order to write a wonderful paper The easiest part of the assignment was thinking of ideas for the paper. They came to me immediately.

The hardest part was putting those ideas onto paper.Transferring ideas into writing is one of the hardest things I have ever encountered in school. Some of the strengths in my paper include the different styles that I used, the wording, and the length. My wording sometimes sounds like words coming out of my mouth, and not just a dull sentence. The length of the paper is not too long and not too short, which makes it easier for someone to read it without losing interest.

Some weaknesses about my paper are the lack of details and the plain-and-simple style that I sometimes slipped up and used. Details can be added, but the styles are hard to change.My plain and simple style can be told apart from my other styles, and it stands out in some papers, but not very much in this one. My Cats ideas were extremely helpful in process of writing my reflection essay. It saved me a lot of time.

I used her ideas and combined them with mine to improve my paper. After writing this paper, I have found that I am no longer a terrible writer. I have matured a whole lot over the past summer, and perhaps have caught back up with my fellow classmates.I think my paper is basically ready for my portfolio. A few minor changes may need to be made, such as adding a few more details where needed, and maybe change some of the wording, but other than that I think it is ready.