The essay is my personal Educational philosophy statement.

It is worth noting educational philosophies are what dictate purposeful activity in curriculum development. Philosophies help individuals in making rational and sound decision because at any given time, we are faced with multiple choices in which it is very important for me to have very clear understanding of my values and beliefs. According to Smith, 2000, there are various philosophies that shape one’s teaching instruction as well as the school curriculum used, these are; perennialsm, existentialist, idealism, experimentalism, realism, essentialism, behaviorism and progressivism. Effective teaching has been the norm and it is characterized by transmission, apprenticeship, development, and nurturing as well as social reforms. From the assessment result, my personal educational philosophy is experimentalist. I believe that the world is experiencing change at each every given time.

Reality is what we experience day in day out and truth is what functions currently. Public test always dictate if something is indeed good and acceptable. I always openly accept change and continuously look for innovations to solve emerging societal issues and to improve it. I also strongly hold that schools do exist to help make the society a better and improved place.

Learnt issues can be translated and applied in the society. Additionally, I believe that teaching need to focus around techniques or mechanisms for inquiry. Programs in schools need to focus on how problems facing the societies we live in can be addressed (Jon & Bondi, 2006). On the same note I view teachers or instructors as being responsible in facilitating learning. Through their quest of acquiring knowledge, student needs to play a very active role in program design as well as evaluation.

I also believe that societal consensus do determine what is good and bad, if more individuals hold the onion that doing X is evil then indeed it is. Lastly, as an experimentalist, to teach individuals about truth, it can be done successfully by employing the process of inquiry. Generally, teachers do guide learners in solving problems and at the same time learn, discover and experience where they live. I totally agree with the results obtained.

The graph that suits my personal educational; philosophy is pattern three, my scores for experimentalist as a philosophy is much higher than the others. The bimodal or trimodal distribution clearly depicts that there is an element of indecisiveness on a number of significant issues which calls for further clarification. Having in mind that educational philosophy is very essential to any meaningful curriculum development; efforts especially at this age where our schools are being flocked by 2010 generation or internet generation there is need to develop personal educational philosophy that will act as a guidance in choosing one option over the other. Despite that fact that I scored highly on experimentalism, I believe that I strongly exhibit attributes in existentialist. In my view, the two go hand in hand and complement each other (Jon & Bondi, 2006).

Whereas I see the world from an eye of an experimentalist where it is ever changing, and change opt to be openly accepted together with other a fore mentioned attributes of experimentalism, I also hold the opinion that personal growth and individual development will result to the new ways that seek to expand and improve the society. In this regard, as an existentialist, I see the world in terms of personal subjectivity which constitutes truth, goodness, reliability among other related issues. In genneral, persons do come before society. In my view, it is important to focus on individuals as well as the entire society. By doing this, I will be able together with the human race to adequately learn about the society and provide lasting solutions to emerging issues. This is on the basis that one can make the world a better place by just being good and learn moral behavior demanded by the community.

To successfully attain this, respect and tolerance is top priority.Modeling of my philosophy as well as respecting learners is adequately of paramount significance. In my opinion, I see curriculum as a continuous process rather than an end product. While I teach, I will strive to ensure that the student grasp the ideas am trying to convey. I see my self as a facilitator and not a teacher.

There is need to develop skills in reading and writing. Making learners to understand their feelings with the entire process of learning will help ease frustration that stem from poor grading. Such a culture will provide both the facilitator and the learner to share issues concerning the same (Bates, (2008). For me, learning new things especially from student is a good thing and constitutes in making exciting.

I will chose a curriculum in which I op not see my self as the only person that need sto provide information. Additionally, my teaching style is open to allow active participation from the learners, this will provide them with opportunities to learn and develop during the learning process. I hold the opinion that helping learners learn about oneself is of equal importance as it will ensure that they rediscover who they are as well as their potential. What I have read, taught and learnt from others is what has shaped my personal philosophy of education. I belief with open mind, there is room to further improved my values and beliefs.