My personal philosophy of success is defined with three strategies I use for college success.

To succeed in college you need to set yourself goals, and to help achieve those goals you need strategies. The strategies I will use for my personal philosophy of success are Setting Priorities, organization of materials, and DAPPS, Dated Achievable Personal Persistent and Specific. These strategies will help me through college by being more organized, neat, and well-ordered. Setting strategies to yourself will benefit to your college life not being unorganized.Also making goals for yourself can contribute in the long run to set future ones.

MY first strategy I think is very useful for my college career is one of my own “Setting Priorities”. Setting priorities is as clear as it sounds. This is useful for someone who seems to slack off in urgencies, and give in to less important concerns. For example I would have school, work, and soccer as my main priorities, but I would get distracted playing video games. I than set certain amount of time for my main priorities each week making it a schedule.

I would set for school double the amount of class time as homework/studying time off the class.As work goes, it is the same weekly schedule which coordinates with my class meetings. For soccer I would train three times a week two hours a day. I set the time for my training after I’m done or on a break from my school work, and regular work. So after setting my priorities to a schedule I know what my other less urgent concerns are, such as video games, surfing the internet, hanging out a lot with friends.

This strategy has helped me set my life to limit on certain things to accomplish and remember what my goals are. For instance, a day I was tired from work and did not want to go to train and started to play video games.One hour into it I realized that I was wasting my time on video games, when I could’ve been training for soccer, trying to accomplish my goal to make the 4 time state champs Mt. Sac soccer team. I learned many things with the Setting Priorities strategy.

I discovered my urgencies that I have, some that will help me reach my college goals, and others that will slow me down. This strategy also helps me be committed and persistent to my priorities I must do. Another strategy I find to help me be successful in college is organization of materials. This really helps me with being neat, ready, and reducing stress level.

Organization of materials can be beneficial from school work to chores to avoiding morning rushes. Organization of material is basically setting belongings into sections, that way you already know where it will be. A good way to organize materials, is for each class having a 3 ring binder, dividers, and a folder. In that 3 ring binder you will put in the dividers, and label them.

You will label them depending on what you do in class, such as homework, notes, classwork, articles. This way you have your work into categories avoiding disorganization.Going further into the school year if your binder starts getting filled with old papers you must keep, that is when the extra folder comes into use. In the folder you will put those extra papers leaving more space in your binder for incoming papers for your class.

A place where I applied organizations was in high school. To avoid morning rushes, the night before I would prepare my wardrobe, and get up extra early in the mornings. For school organization I would have a binder with folders for each of my classes, separating things into categories for my classes.I would like to have a student planner to write my home works and make a daily to do lists and to break up my study times.

For each day I would schedule consistent times every day set aside time for studying so that way would avoid last minute studying and cramming. This strategy made me realize on what I have that Is useful and what isn’t. Furthermore it has taught skilled me in being more responsible from my school work and accountable on my tasks. This third strategy helped me this past semester in my classes, achieving my goal. This strategy is called DAPPS.DAPPS taught me how to set goals and strive through them.

The DAPPS strategy made me more motivational, hopeful, and determined for my college career. DAPPS stands for Dated Achievable Personal Persistent and Specific. By using DAPPS you will set out your life role, long term goals, short term goals, and your dream. You than write those goals out, and adapting the DAPPS rule and make sure each goal corresponds with the rule.

My first time I used the DAPPS strategy was this spring semester. My dream is to get an athletic scholarship for soccer to a four year university by 2015 graduating from Mt.Sac. My life role is student.

My long term goal is to transfer to a four year university by the fall semester of the year 2015 and my short term goal was to get A’s and B’s in my classes for this spring semester. I have stuck to my goals and was persistent with them and thus my short term goal is a week shy of being completed, which makes me feel even more motivated for my next goals. This tactic has supported me on being committed to my goals and dreams, and visualizing myself accomplishing them. Also it has shown me the potential that I am capable of if I stay positive and persistent to my goals.These strategies are my personal philosophy of success for college.

By setting priorities it will help me realize which things come first in my life. Organization of materials can will help assist me by managing my time and setting things straight. DAPPS can contribute to my college career by going forward in my life and believing in my dreams and creating future dreams of mine. Any of these strategies can be useful, but if you work with all these strategies, the outcome will be very successful in your life. I feel these strategies will help me tremendously throughout my life.