Undertaking my further studies in the field of Financial Mathematics has always been my educational goal ever since I joined college. The outside world has lots of areas that can be exploited by anyone as long as one has a solid knowledge background in the specialization of Financial Mathematics. Asset management and risk control are just some of the areas of practical financial mathematics that have become key areas in life in virtually all the sectors of the economy. It is due to the rising necessities that demand labor market that the area of specialization has always been my most preferred line.

The United States of America forms the destination country where I would want to have the course undertaken as I take the role of a foreign student. Being a fluent speaker of English and having already socialized well enough with other different races and social backgrounds during my life at college, I would not consider settling in the United States being a problem as far as the social life is concerned. With the country actually being the uncontested economic powerhouse in the world today, it is consequential that the financial market in the country is at optimal levels.The United States and more specifically the city of New York forms the perfect environment or background where an individual can easily ensure that better learning of the financial market and its functions. The busy nature of the economic units around the place offers the optimal chance for any student around the area to acquire the most practical and most relevant financial mathematic knowledge that may be highly relevant in the global world today.

It is due to this reason that the United States comes in as the first and last option that I have to leave my own country with the main intention of learning.The availability of the best universities in the country can not at all go unrecognized at this point. The United States has some of the worlds most competitive and top notch universities that offer the much updated education that is optimally applicable in the global context. Receiving my course work while based in one of the world's most adorable universities due to the educational quality and standards is the main reason as to why I prefer to go to the United States so as to gain my education there as a student. On the other hand, being around some of the highlyy qualified and most competitive professors in the college would be a very huge step in ensuring that I have the best education while in an away land. It is most probable that the education and training that is offered by highly competitive professors will definitely lead me into being the proficient financial mathematician that I have always targeted in my professional life.

Finally, the fact that I dearly love my country, by receiving the best quality of education from top university in the United States, I would be well equipped to return back to my motherland and offer my professional services to my country. I would do this by either strategically identifying a governmental or even a non-governmental position from which I would fully exploit the knowledge already acquired from the university. Being a part of the people that foster economic progress and development has always been the goal of my life. It is due to this that I expect that after I will have attained the required skills and title from the university as a specialist in financial mathematics, I would be in a position to effectively realize my goal either through practicing or even seeking for employment.