Technology has been one of the fastest growing Industry now days, with Internet being one of them. Since the Invention of the Internet; Information, entertainment, and many other resources have been accessible online. This foreshadowed that the Internet will soon replace the book, as chief tool of learning. With today advanced technology books can be downloaded, read, and carried around Just like any piece of technology such as a mobile phone or tablet.

Many authors have agreed that reading texts online enhanced their reading experience. Technology completely changed the ay we read books.Reading an e-book has become so popular now day that eventually the book will only become Just a supplement tool of learning. This new technology that enables people to store the entire book and read them on the go, which is Just like carrying a paper.

A good example is the release of Amazon's revolutionary reading device, Kindle eBook. It became very popular among many readers because it is so compact and easy to use. Books can be downloaded full text onto this device and take and read them anywhere. With its Internet capability, dictionary online can be done In less then a minute.Reading from an e-book Is so much easier because you can search the key word that you want to look for without having to read through the text once more.

Also, the tablet can store hundreds of books. Without having to carry many books, and you can reading whatever you like from one place, the eBook has gained popularity from countless readers almost instantaneously. Internet will soon replace the book. It is because people can find information easily on the net.

This Is due to the fact that many people own a computer and have Internet access. Today, at least one of us has one laptop.I have woo laptops one for work and one for entertaining, and I'm sure there are a lot of people like me. With this, it showed that a great number of people have both a computer and Internet connection and that number will rise. Having access to both a computer and Internet people easily can give out information; at the same time, receive Information from anytime and anywhere.

We spend hours on the Internet every checking out email and surfing the Internet. Reading books online will be Just as easy as checking an email. Because everything can be updated Instantly, we can read updated news and books without delay.However, because the downside of this convenience is that people tend to get distracted very easily because all tablets have Internet or game applications in them. This will create an urge or a distraction when they are reading an eBook on tablets.

This is because of Faceable, IM, email, and much more. "Sophisticated forms of collaborative 'Information foraging' will re- place solitary deep 278) In my case, when I want to or re-vaults some quick information, I will read from tablet or web. I will read an actual book when I need to learn something.I am tends to be more concentrate when reading book, and I won't et distracted by Faceable, in-coming email, or random searches on Google. By overusing or rely too much on the convenience it will cause us to become lazy and will do work less efficient; thus can be poisonous to ourselves. Technology moves really fast.

Top-notch devices from the last two years can get outdated already. Due The ways we reading can be altered very easily. I doubt that in the future we wont even need the Internet on laptop anymore, maybe the Internet will be embedded in our brain. However, by using Internet too much might affect the way we read and learn.

The internet] supply the stuff of thought, and also shape of the process of thought"(Carr 95). When we surf the Internet for for information or read online, we skim through tons of information. We have to glide through information, which can impact the way we read and learn. Which mean that if can make us learn only the basic, instead of in-depth learning Technology is overtaken the old-school books reading style. This is due to the reasons that information can be found more easily on the web. New technology helps us enhance our reading style.

However, we over exercise that advantage.