Some of the Calgary Organizations that support a healthy living and lifestyle include the Alex Community Health Centre, Cochrane Canada Family and Community Support Services, the Calgary Foundation, Volunteer Calgary, Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Calgary, and. Several of these non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) can come forward together and have a great impact on the health of the school children of Calgary.  They could form a network that promotes health and well-being of school children, bring about growth and development, and encourage learning through school-based programs. Each of these organizations could concentrate on individual issues that could be involving the school children.  The school authorities should organize periodic meetings to ensure that the programs initiated are going on the right track, problems are solved appropriately through discussion, and future plans are initiated. Many of these organizations are planning a comprehensive health program for the school children that would function in coordination with education and mental development.  This would ensure complete mental, physical and social development of the child at the school (like a holistic approach). YMCA Calgary is providing healthcare to school children during school hours and also after school, in partnership with the school management.  Besides, school children can utilize their play settings in various parts of the Calgary, and can improve their language skills for those whose first language is not English.  The other activities that are provided include letter writing, team building, field initiative, etc.  These activities and services would ensure comprehensive exposure of the child to a positive environment.  The YMCA has applied a more holistic form of approach, which seems to be very effective. Such programs have ensured that rapid progress is made in the status of the child following institution of health programs.  Many initiatives have been made by the voluntary organization in coordination with the school authorities and the Government.  Several indicators (variables used to monitor the health status) have been defined and studied often in school children that would suggest their health status.  Through these variables, the heath status of school children can be improved. Efforts are on to include sexual education and information of HIV/AIDS to school children.  In this way, the transmission of HIV/AIDS has reduced to some extent in schools. The voluntary organizations also made an initiative at reducing drug abuse in schools through education.  This has led to a significant drop in drug consumption in schools. References: Canadian Association for School Health “Introduction.” 2007. Communities and Schools Promoting Health. 29 Jan. 2007. Safe Healthy Schools. “Canadian School Health Knowledge Network Knowledge Matters.” 2007. Communities and Schools Promoting Health. 29 Jan. 2007. Safe Healthy Schools. “The CSH NGO Network.” 2007. Communities and Schools Promoting Health. 29 Jan. 2007. YMCA. “Out of School Care.” YMCA Calgary. 2007. Child Care. 29 Jan. 2007. YMCA. “YMCA Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC).” YMCA Calgary. 2007. Education Enrichment. 29 Jan. 2007.