The decision to target a particular audience, young males, is clever. The Old Navy marketing strategy previously focused on broad family focused advertising; however, specifically focusing on the male consumer between the ages of 25-35 and not Just through the girlfriend, wife or sister is an innovative move (Advertising Age, 2011). Most men are creatures of habit and often do not think about what they are wearing to the same degree of their female counterparts; who are the targeted audience of many marketing campaigns.

The average man does not sit around and hind about what they are wearing, which lacks from their typical strategic disposition. Men's mass fashion identity crisis isn't their fault, but the blame is due to faulty marketing (Crests, 2010). Let is important to note that in a recent study, not only were gender-based ads two times more effective at driving traffic back to the site than gender-neutral ads, but that men were much more likely to return to the site to purchase. In this same study, it was found that ads targeting men generated over five times more revenue than gender-neutral ads (Marketing Box, 2013).

Old Navy can expect the same, if not better results because the quality of the clothing and accessories. Men need focus and direction as it relates to fashion styling and image branding. Other companies have strategically branded themselves in the male clothing market. Companies such as Dockers, which tends to have a classic message that illustrates the pants will look and feel good, are accessible in terms of price and worn by many other completely respectable men in your town.Firebombed and Fitch, which targets the teen and young adult male, creates the fantasy of being a mean muscular, square-jawed dude draped with bikini-topped lasses (Crests, 2011).

As men seek to grow their wardrobe, it is important to give them multiple choices and characters that contribute to comfort and affordability. Old Navy is doing this successfully by reinventing the marketing campaign and creating different characters in which males can identify with, relate to, or desire to imitate. The idea to target males through mobile media is another wise idea.With the technological advances we are experiencing, knowing where and how to reach people is vitally important. Marketing strategies can only be as successful as the platforms used to reach the targeted audience.

Technology has changed the way individuals receive information, including fashion trends and spending patterns. This is primarily due to the ease and rapid rate that information can be shared. It is ideal for companies such as yours, Old Navy, to target this population using the growing and revolutionary online platform.However, when utilizing online platforms to reach the desired audience, males between the ages of 25-35, there must be an element of stimulation that will once with their senses in order to close the sell. It is also worthy to amplify the importance of creative and messaging optimization in driving worthwhile returns from an investment in advertising to this segment (Tech Journal, 2012). Finally, it is important to note that the targeted audience is highly engaged in the content they view and share on digital platforms; so utilize attractive, appealing and creative content to help boost returns from the investment in advertising.

The move of marketing from standard forms of advertising (print, television, radio) to that of chital platforms (mobile mediums) is brilliant, highly recommended, and will boost the return of investment. Let's face it, more and more individuals are getting connected through phones and tablets. The power of the mobile device is increasing so developing content that is mobile-friendly and share worthy will only drive more consumers to do business with you. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the top BOB content marketing strategies are social media (Deemed, 2013).It is recommended to not settle with one social networking platform, but to experiment tit multiple networks with the aim of reaching the maximum targeted population. Again, the importance of creativity cannot be stressed enough.

Successful campaigns are ones that allow consumers to share content with others in their network. Consumers are more likely to trust content recommended from someone they know (Alton, 2013). Reviewing the promotional strategy and campaign changes leads me to the conclusion that Old Navy will have mass appeal and commercial success, boosting revenue and pleasing not only the stakeholders; but also the consumers.