I dream of becoming one of the most successful electrical engineers the world has ever produced. This idea may seem farfetched, but I intend to pursue this dream in the not so distant future. To begin with, I would like to complete my MBA degree and become an accomplished student. I know that it will take more than just a strong-willed personality to achieve this, but I know I’m off to a good start. I have been working as an Applications Engineer for the past four years and a half. With my experience, I have learned how to handle various challenges and difficult situations in a mature way. I acquired an Engineering Management degree which I earned recently has somehow helped me in becoming a better person than I used to be. I am able to handle I believe that my qualities are enough to qualify me into your MBA program. I am dependable, flexible and can easily get along well with others. With my friendly attitude, I was able to gain more than the usual number of friends which has helped me a lot in performing my duties and responsibilities as an employee. I do not allow pressures to get the better of me. With my sense of humor, I can very manage well the challenges that come my way.  I am pro-active, making certain that I meet my projects before the set deadline. This way, I need not cram over my projects and waste precious time crying over lost opportunities or chances. I pay great attention to micro-level details.  I am likewise patient and hardworking. I make sure that I give 100% of my time and effort in any project that is assigned to me. My parents have always told me that education is an important inheritance. Your diploma can actually take you anywhere. It is important to possess a degree during these time and age. Education is such a significant ingredient to success. Without education, it will be difficult to be qualified for the next job. Education is such a learning experience. Without it, it will be impossible to reach for your goals. This is just one of the many reasons why I am interested in earning my MBA degree. I believe that my undergraduate degree is not enough to earn me a ticket to success. It takes ore than just a college degree to arm me with the right weapons to face the challenges that go through life. I can only aim high and earn high if I was able to achieve my MBA diploma in the not so distant future. I understand that it’s a long way to go. That this education will be another tuition and another burden to carry, but I know how important it is to fully discover my potentials and I am happy that my parents are supporting me in my endeavor. As Khan (2000) puts it in her article, the importance of education is quite understandable. It is the knowledge of placing one's potentials to the maximum. It will be such a waste if a person is not educated. Besides, it will be difficult to train a person if he’s not educated. With the right education, we are able to make the right decisions and think things in a better perspective. As I have mentioned, taking an MBA degree is a learning experience. I am aware that although I have earned my college degree, there is still so much to learn about the world and to so much to discover. Someone once said that unless you find your missing link, you will not be complete. Unless you become what you are destined to become, you will not be happy. I can truly say that unless I earn my MBA degree, I will not be the person I have always wanted to be. Aside form the characteristics that made me unique, I am hopeful that I can be accepted to this degree program and that I will eventually find the fulfillment of my dreams. Then and only then will I be able to shout to the world that yes, I made it and I am proud and happy for everything. Source: Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. Importance of Education. The Milli Gazette. RNI DELENG/2000/930; ISSN 0972-3366 (2000)