Since I was young, I already like to be involved in the kitchen and set a good meal for my family. Whenever we have family gatherings, I volunteered myself to cook and when I see them enjoying the food I prepared, it made me more inspired and determined to continue what was in my heart.My heart beats for culinary. Cooking has been my passion and I am really amazed with those people who are really good in cooking.

I appreciate their skills in giving tasty and mouthwatering food which they share to other people; and will definitely bring smiles to their faces who taste of their fruit of their labor.These scenarios motivated me and have decided that when I have a chance to enroll in a culinary school, I will immediately grab that opportunity because it is one in a lifetime opportunity and will have a chance to enhance my skills as a neophyte cordon bleu. Not only that, this opportunity will help me fulfill my “dream” to be a very good cook or chef someday.Now and then, I tried to have personal lessons in cooking and do some “experiments” in my own.

I am a kind of person who doesn’t stop thinking for new techniques just to make and produce tasty food. I always find time and make an effort to cook because I believe that the more I practice, the more I am able to find new strategies and techniques to make my prepared recipe more appetizing and delicious.Not to boast, but I can truly and proudly say that I have the right attitude towards this field. I know that this is not an easy profession because it takes a lot of patience but I am more than willing to learn, take the risks and the hardships that will come along because it is part of the course I chose and I am prepared for it.

And I know deep within my heart that this is the field where I belong. In contrast, I will be more diligent than ever before. So definitely, those will be good grounds to my self that I will be successful in this culinary school.If ever I am given a chance to be accepted in this school and completed the course I chose, my plan is to work for a 5 Star Hotel or a well-known resort.I know I can make it there because I am a hardworking man and responsible enough to comply the demands of the administration itself and from the people who will taste my prepared food. I aimed high because I strongly believe that this is my field.