Doctor of Pharmacy Program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

The Doctor of Pharmacy Program at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences produces dedicated and erudite pharmacists. Alumni of this college are not only expert practitioners of this intricate art, but are also skilled researchers. The faculty is comprised of some of the best academics and researchers in pharmacy in the world (Doctor of Pharmacy , 2007).

This college utilizes the latest technologies, and this ensures that its students are familiar with the latest developments in pharmacy and communications. This is of immense benefit to students. They could become pharmacists; pharmacy administrators in a hospital or the government or pursue advanced studies in this fascinating field. Everyone is beset by doubts at some stage or the other in their academic life. The academic support of this college renders all possible assistance to students, in order to help them to perform at their peak efficiency. This is one of the distinguishing features of this college, which makes it very attractive to the students (Doctor of Pharmacy , 2007).

In the year 1630, Boston was granted the position of a town, by its development was such that by the year 1822, it was deemed to be a city. It constitutes New England’s cultural and economic centre. This city is one of the best educational centers in the world. It is replete with internationally famous institutions of higher learning. In addition, some of the best hospitals in the world are located in Boston.  (Visitors, About Boston, 2007).

I was fortunate to make it to the US from Vietnam, when I was ten years old. This country and its inhabitants have been very kind to me. I owe much to this great country. On one occasion, my friend had to be admitted to a hospital, due to injuries sustained in an accident. I soon realized that his physical pain, trauma and danger of infection had been mitigated drastically by the drugs administered to him. This incident served to enhance my fascination with the manner in which drugs affect the human body, in addition to revealing the extraordinarily beneficial effect of drugs, to me.

My extent of my close association with medicines can be evaluated from the fact that despite adhering to a very busy schedule, in my day to day life, I actively participate in the activities of the PILS or the Pre-pharmacy Informational Learning Society and the AASA or the Asian American Student Association. Under the aegis of these dedicated institutions, I was fortunate to participate in a number of drugs distribution drives, organized by them. In addition, for the past three years, I have been employed as a pharmacist at a retail pharmacy. Thus I am no novice to drugs.

I never rest satisfied with the general answer to a question. I always search for the full particulars about anything. This attitude will be of immense use to me in academics, as I will be eminently suited for research.

I have always been involved with alleviating the trials and tribulations, brought on by ailments, of patients. I have paid close attention, both at home and outside, to the various medications that sick people imbibe, in order to obtain relief. I was extremely proficient at remembering the medication that people had taken for a particular disease. This interest increased over a period of time and it has become my life’s aim to excel in the field of pharmacy. My principal objective in life is to become a successful, competent and erudite pharmacist and this college’s exceptional pharmacy program will help me to realize this dream.


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