Log in using the admit password of your router (the user name default is "admit" with no password). 4 Click on the "Tools" tab, then on the "Firmware" button.

Click on the "Browse" button and select the file containing the new firmware from the older you as Veda it in. 6 Click the "Apply' button and wait for the counter to get to zero. DO NOT unplug the router until the counter reaches zero! Usually when the counter reaches zero, you will need to unplug the power to the router and plug it back in again (This is perfectly safe to do, once the counter has reached zero. - then go to step 2 and log back into the router and continue with step 7 below).

7 Click on the "Tools" tab, then on the "Firmware" button.You should see that the "Current Firmware Version" corresponds to the one you downloaded. Look at the part of the version after the word "tom". 9 Click on the "Timeline" tab on the left to see this screen.Ensure that the "Timeline Wireless Hotshot" is enabled. Nominate the SAID name of your hotshot (you might put n your city name or simply leave it as "Hotshot").

Choose which LANA port you wish to have as a "Timeline Port" - this will act the same way as the wireless system when ticked. In this screen shot, you can see