Marriage has been a union between a man and a woman for over hundreds of years. Whether or not it was their choice depended on what time period we were living in. There was a time when young women were promised to older men in order to keep their families in good reverence.

There was even a time when a marriage was planned from the moment two wealthy, royal families popped out a boy and a girl. However, today it is mainly that man and woman's choice, because they simply long to be with one another for the rest of their lives. If they do, however, change their minds, there is always divorce.So what if someone told you that you could not marry someone based on the color of their skin? Times have changed and that should no longer attribute to why a man and a woman should not be brought together in holy union. Be that as it may, some citizens of today's society are willing to retrogress; losing sight of how much America went through in order to obtain the right of interracial marriage.

Most people would think that the only type of marriage that is at threat of being condemned as illegal is gay marriage, but that is wrong.There are actually a few dates that would also have interracial marriage as illegal. The Atlantic Wire states that "about 60 percent of these Southern Republicans are hearkening back to a time... When the American mainstream overwhelmingly looked down on people with different shades of skin getting married.

" Like afore mentioned, marriage is a choice between two people not an entire government. Not only are we going back in time by making interracial marriage illegal, but we are also violating people's rights. This violates the constitution! The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees equal rights to allAmerican citizens especially the inclusion of African Americans who were not before. If we take away the right of interracial marriage, we will be segregating a whole group of people from our society. Today's generation holds millions of interracial children, teenagers, and adults.

How will they ever get the opportunity to reproduce and find love if they are limited to someone with the same racial background? For example, if a male is a combination of Hawaiian, African-American, and Chinese, how likely will the chances be to find another individual exactly like him? It seems irrational and animal-like.We are not separate species that will only mate upon a mating call or by a trigger of hormones; we are human beings for crying out loud. Segregation ended years ago, no one wants to go back to a time where we were forced to drink from separate drinking fountains. One might think that this speculation of events is rather extreme, but honestly how else will society react if we ban interracial marriage? People will still fraternity with different races and soon others will peer onto them with the same disgust they direct towards gay couples. There will be an outbreak of Interracial Marriage By emulative