Making a perfect marriage is not impossible.

The marriage can be perfect as long as the two people involved treat each other in perfect ways. The perfect marriage consists of love, compatibility, respect, communication, and spending time together. There may have a compatibility or may not between the married couple. They may share similar manners, values, interests, and tastes, so it would be easier to understand each other and to make decisions together. If they are not compatible, it would be hard to get along with each other.In addition, the married people have to respect each other.

They have to respect the boundaries and the privacy of one another. They should respect each other’s decisions. When they are dealing with difficult issues, they should have respect and patience. A lack of respect will lead to lose the love. Name-calling, ridicule, sarcasm, and other signs of disrespect must have no place in a marriage. The mutual respect would make their relationship stronger.

Furthermore, the important way to really have a perfect marriage is communication.They should create a safe emotional space that encourages open and honest communication. A couple's communication style affects their ability to work together as a team. The couple can communicate about every issue including children, work, and household management. They have to be able to discuss their feelings about each other and even their points about other things in life.

Also, as time goes on in marriage, couples tend to fall into a routine doing the same things, and going to the same places.They have to spend time together to do something new like going to the beach, zoo, cinema or a carnival. Making time to just be alone together is better to remember the great times that they have been through and to develop their love. They should enjoy away from children, works, and problems. They can simply take a walk together. Consequently, the marriage is more than love.

The love is the built up foundation, although the other fundamentals such as compatibility, respect, communication, and spending time together are important for the perfect marriage.