In the past decades to date, the Charles Darwin theory of the evolution via natural selection has been defied by a different theory of intelligent design. The theory of intelligent design claims that precise aspects of the universe of living things are best explained and understood via the application of the intelligent cause and not via the undefined process of the natural selection. These two theories on the existence of living and non living organism and the formation of the earth have continued to bring controversy among the psychological, philosophical and religious researchers with both various receiving credits and as well as critics(Sheri, 59).

The Evolution theory by Charles Darwin entails the widely known belief that all life in the earth is related and has a common ancestor. This is an implication that the animals, human beings and plants all have common aspects. The evolution theory assumes the development of life from a non-life state and insists on the naturalist state. Therefore, creatures evolve from basic ancestors with time.

According to the evolution theory, the unsystematic genetic mutation happen in the genetic code of an organism, the helpful mutations are conserved since they help in the survival of the organism, this process is called the natural selection and through this the mutations are passed over to the next generations that results to different creatures being formed. Natural selection aids in the preservation and accumulation of the less complex genetic mutations. Many philosophers stated life on earth was created by a supernatural being who is God as a result of the complexity state of nature of the mind of humans. Charles Darwin only tries to explore and explain the existence of living and the non-living things.

Below is an example of the evolving of human over the year as a result of natural selection (Steve 112). The image below is a good representation of the fossils that were retrieved from various sites in the world, their remains show that human beings evolved with time, the less developed the fossil the older the stage of the human being. The image has been widely used to explain the aspect of natural selection in the evolution theory (Steve 122).Intelligent design is the theory that disagrees with the evolution theory and the aspect of natural selection. It entails the fact that intelligent designers played the part of the creation of life on earth in some aspect.

The most important argument of the intelligent design is the anti evolution belief that entailing that the world was created in a naturalistic phenomenon whereas some of them are not biologically possible and thus the formation of life on earth can only be explained via the use of the intelligent or the supernatural causes. The intelligent design is the principle entails that a supernatural creator the living and non living organisms in a separate manner in accordance to their modern day setting. The technical concept of the intelligent design is that in a less developed earth life was created at an approximation of over 6,000 years ago. Intelligent design is a type of creationism and the present adaptation of the conventional teleological argument about the presence and the existence of God. This theory is basically about the advocating for a scientific theory that is based on science rather on religious grounds. Intelligent design theory is based on the concepts of irreducible, specified, fine –tuned complexity and the intelligent designer (Kirk 20).

The irreducible complexity of the intelligent design theory asserts that the natural selection method is not possible of creating irreducibly complex systems because the selectable meaning is only available when the parts are combined. The irreducibly complex biologicaal mechanisms include such as the bacterial flagellum, the immune system and the blood clotting drop. The specified complexity concept entails that the when something is in the complex and the specific, then one can say that it’s a production of an intelligent activity rather than a natural activity. Therefore, the existent of the living organism in the earth can be defined and characterized specifically in the molecular arrangements in the functional biological molecules such as DNA. These are aspects that have the least possibility if having natural occurrences. Outside the biological concepts, the fine tuning of universal constants concept that creates matter and life to exist and can not be exclusively credited to chance.

They include aspects such as the gravity, electromagnetism, the ratio of masses, and the relative strength of nuclear forces. The Intelligent Design theory supporters and the Center for Science and Culture states that if any of these aspects was different, then the world would be different due to the impossibility of the formation of new chemical elements. There was a need for an intelligent designer of life in the earth to make sure that the requisite aspects were present to attain that precise outcome. The image below of a jawless fish that had no intrinsic clotting system is a good critic of the evolution theory in accordance to the intelligent design supporters (Steve 120).

Below is an image that proves that the intelligent design is a science via the irreducibly complex clotting system. No clotting system is similar or can evolve. In one of the researches, below is an image of a fish that did not have the intrinsic clotting system. This jawless fish also didn’t have any chief element s of the clotting system. This fish did not have factors IX and V that area every vital in the clotting system and thus proved wrong the natural selection theory (Louise, 186).