Should Intelligent Design be taught alongside Evolution In public schools? For many years, there has been a debate on whether Intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution In public school systems.

Fundamentalists and progressives constantly argue that intelligent design should or should not be taught based on their personal bias. Intelligent design is not and should not be considered a form of science. It is merely a myth therefore it should not be taught is public school systems.This will also be unfair for the students and the teachers. The searchers will have more to teach and the students will have more to learn which increases the difficulty of standardized tests.

Teaching intelligent will also violate the first amendment which separates church and state. First of all, intelligent design is not science. It is not considered a science because intelligent design cannot be tested. It has been proved through fossils that things have evolved over time.Intelligent design Is the belief that things magically appeared long ago, which cannot be tested or proved. If there Is no evidence of Intelligent sign occurring, then school systems should not waste valuable education time teaching it.

Secondly, teaching intelligent design has no benefit to students, teachers, or school systems. It will actually have a negative effect on these things. Teachers will have to learn all about intelligent design so that they are able to teach it to the students who would be responsible for knowing the information.Also, the students will be accountable for knowing all of this extra, unnecessary information which will increase the difficulty of the standardized test that the students are required to pass hat are already extremely difficult.

Most of all, this will have a negative effect on the school systems. If Intelligent design was taught In schools, then school systems all over would have to Invest In new materials.New textbooks, workbooks, books, and other lab materials would need to be bought which would put a huge dent In the schools' already undersized budget. Lastly, teaching intelligent design in government funded public schools violates the first amendment which separates church and state. Technically, intelligent design does not state that "God" was the one who created the Earth and its beings.

Yet, many people think creationism and intelligent design are the same thing, which they are not.Since so many people believe that the two beliefs are the same thing, this will create bias and could cause some to feel uncomfortable and forced to learn basically a religion. Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Buddhists, and people of other religions may not be okay with going to a public school where they are forced to learn something In which they do not believe In. Some people, such as fundamentalists, believe that If Intelligent design Is not aught In schools that their children may lose their religious beliefs that they wish for them to keep as the grow older.

However, if a parent or parents care that much about based private school in which they can guarantee intelligent design, creationism, and religion will all be taught. In conclusion, intelligent design should not be taught alongside evolution is public school systems. Intelligent design is not scientific fact and cannot be tested, will not benefit students, teachers, or the school systems, and violates the first amendment which separates church and state.