Customers would often want to transfer funds from one account of theirs to another. The account Numbering scheme now uniquely identifies the Bank Branch to which the account belongs. Customers often travel to the bank branch to request for a new cheese book.

To ensure that Customers are ensured of high level security, the E-Banking services need to provide Customers with a unique Personal Identification password which can be changed from time to time. All Services are accessible only on correct password verification.The Customer may also look for information on Interest rates on Fixed Term Deposits which often change from time to time. CASE STUDY Mr..

R. K. Mishear owns a small trading company in Varnish by the name of ARK Enterprises. The company provided raw material to the manufacturers of silk shares.

The business enterprise Is also engaged In supply of silk shares and other silk garments produced by local weavers to the big stores in major cities. In addition they have substantial export orders. The company Is mainly a family based enterprise. Mr..

R.K_ Mishear is the Director and his son Rites is looking after finance department. The son is also assisting his father in other strategically matters. Key decisions are taken by the Director himself after occasional discussions with Rites_ The existing employee strength is more than 200 with 15 offices spread across the country. During the last one decade of its existence, the business has grown considerably.

In fact, the turnover surpassed Rupees 100 million in the year 2003-04. However, since then the business faced stiff competition from other traders.In last one year the orders that have been received have reduced substantially. Roth, younger son of the Director is holding a management degree from Bananas Hindu University. He has recently left a Job with an NC located in Iambi and Joined his father's business to help in solving the problems.

After joining, Roth made several changes in the organization. A major restructuring drive was carried out. The authority to take several major decisions was toy 2 were given to all managers to consult their subordinates before taking any decisions. He was determined to see that the company was professionally managed.