This paper will identify three key lessons learned about HARM. It will also outline how these concepts can be applied in the real world to enhance professional effectiveness. This paper will then tie together how these lessons relate to effective HARM concepts, practices and systems. Lastly, this paper will outline specific thinking and behavior changes as well as actions that will lead to successful implementation of these key lessons learned into daily management practices.

Keywords: human sources management, HARM, motivation, diversity, communication, recognition, relationships, performance, economic growth, recruiting, candidates, creativity, innovation, turnover, change, competitive, globalization, intergenerational, Millennial, Generation Y, Baby Boomers, workforce, challenges, stereotype, engagement, social technology, advancement, compensation, coaching, commitment Introduction to Key Lessons Learned During the course of this class, I learned many new things about human resources and the application of Human Resources Management (HARM) practices.There were here key lessons however, that I took away from this class that I felt a personal attachment to: (1) employee motivation and morale must be fostered by a supportive manager, (2) diversity is not simply a hot button topic or a vague trend or movement; it is critical to global business success, and (3) there are very slight differences in the job attitudes and values between generations and are most often due to factors other than generational membership (Valorous, 2013).Relationship to Effective HARM Each of these key lessons learned is impacted by effective HARM.

In order to be fully purposive of my team to the extent of fostering motivation, I must understand not only my company's goals, but also how to provide proper performance evaluation and feedback to help my employees meet those goals. This is information I would get from working closely with HRS to understand what drives my company's growth and profitability.I would also need effective training from my HRS team on how to conduct proper performance evaluations based on a company standard and how to properly follow up and coach to the results of the performance evaluations. Effective HARM has a major impact on workplace diversity. In order to attract a diverse pool of candidates, an employer must brand themselves as an employer who is supportive of workplace diversity.

This begins with the culture that HRS builds and communicates from the top down within the company.With resources like Glissando. Com available, where Jobsharers can obtain information about a company's culture, employers want to ensure they are portraying the brand they want employees to seek out. Employees looking to be part of a diverse culture would utilize sites like this to search for companies that have a high rating in this area and would seek out employment with these companies over others. Socio (2013) states, "More than half the U.

S. Workforce now consists of racial and ethnic molesters, Immigrants, Ana women. I Norte, Loveliest Is nearly something any company can afford to ignore. Understanding generational similarities and differences and understanding the value in working with individuals of all generations is also something that is rooted in a company's culture and facilitated by effective HARM in the form of management awareness training. I believe that my company, perhaps all companies, could do a better Job of highlighting the positive aspects of working with each of these different groups.

Awareness and education are the keys to avoiding snap Judgments and stereotypes.Value in Enhancing Effectiveness Supporting employee motivation and morale are valuable in enhancing my effectiveness as a manager and leader because if I support my employees and help them reach their goals, I will benefit in the following ways: (1) they will help me meet my goals, (2) they will know that they can rely on me to help provide them with whatever resources are necessary for them to meet their goals, (3) my current employees will refer other individuals for open positions on my team, knowing they ill get the support they need to succeed, and (4) my team will respect me and value their role within the team.This will drive them to want to help find ways to improve existing processes or define new processes.Hiring a diverse workforce is valuable in enhancing effectiveness of any manager or leader for many reasons, as outlined by Kerry and Burns (2012): (1) a diverse workforce drives economic growth, (2) a diverse workforce can capture a greater share of the consumer market, (3) recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates meaner a more qualified workforce, (4) a diverse and inclusive workforce helps businesses avoid employee turnover costs, (5) diversity fosters a more creative and innovative workforce, (6) businesses need to adapt to our changing nation to be competitive in the economic market, (7) diversity is a key aspect of entrepreneurial, (8) diversity in business ownership, particularly among women of color, is key to moving our economy forward, (9) diversity in the workplace is necessary to create a competitive economy in a globalizes world, and (10) diversity in the boardroom is needed to leverage a company's full potential.

Understanding how to work with employees of efferent generations will be especially valuable in enhancing my effectiveness as a manager and leader because in today's workforce and in my role specifically, managing individuals from different generations is a daily reality. Therefore, I need to understand what motivates and drives these individuals in order to help them be successful within my team and within the company. It will also help me to identify individual strengths vs..

Lumping individuals together into a pre-defined group. As Socio (2013) states, "it is important to recognize that all generations want to be reared with respect. Integrating Behavior and Thinking Changes In order to be more effective in fostering employee motivation, I need to do a better job of personally connecting with my team. I am a great manager at work as it relates to one-on-one coaching and understanding the career interests of my team and supporting their goals. Where I could do a better Job however, is in developing a deeper personal connection - I.

E. Congratulate staff on life events such as new babies, inquire about vacation trips, and ask about how both personal Ana work events turned out. Are enough to stay tune Into tense Kolas AT employee life events and activities ("7 Ways to Foster Employee Motivation - Today', n. D. , p. 1).

I have recently begun conducting weekly one-on-ones and can include this as part of my conversations with my employees.Even the most supportive work environments provide daily challenges to supervisors trying to motivate employees. Supervisors and managers can choose to extend their reach and use these tips every day to create an environment that fosters and calls forth employee motivation ("7 Ways to Foster Employee Motivation - Today', n. .

, p. 2). I have done a fairly good Job of maintaining a diverse workforce. My team is comprised of individuals of different ages and ethnic backgrounds.

The one thing I would like to see however is more females hired for my team. Currently, my team is comprised of all males. This is not due to any sort of bias or discrimination; but more to do with the fact that computer science has been a more male-dominated field in general.I plan on working more closely with HRS to see how we might be able to recruit more women to apply for any future open positions on my team. This might mean working with the local schools to identify female groups or female members of the computer science courses.

I definitely need to change my mindset about the younger generation within the workforce, especially given that I manage many of these individuals. I have always been of the mindset that the younger generation wants to graduate and then Jump right to the top as company president, with the big fat paycheck and the big corner office.I have recently rebuilt my entire team. Now that I have a new team in place, it's the perfect time to sit down with them and as a team, draft up our team mission statement, and set goals around it. I would ask for input from each member of the team to ensure that everyone has a stake in our mission statement. I have several fun team building exercises and ice erasers I can utilize to help facilitate this process.

In order to fulfill my goal of hiring more females on my team when I have future openings, I plan on researching local female-centric IT groups to help source qualified female candidates. I will also source my own network primarily using Linked.In order to facilitate a change in my own thinking and opinions about working with the younger generation, I plan on working even more closely with them to determine exactly what motivates them so I can support them and help them be successful within the team and the company. I also ant to ensure Tanat I Tacos on teem as Nina Conclusion alluvial vs..

As a group. I was aware of many of the key HARM concepts learned in this class but in some cases, I did not realize the impact of effective HARM and how it all tied together. I also never really thought of how my own thoughts and behaviors may have been holding me back from being a truly effective manager.I feel that I am a good manager and have had feedback from employees past and present confirming that. What I didn't realize however, is how much more effective I can be Just by understanding key HARM concepts.

I also now realize that HRS can be a key resource for me. They're not Just a group who sits on a floor of my building and who is only involved in hiring and managing benefits. There is much more to this group and their impact on the rest of the organization, including on my own position. Having learned these concepts, I can now keep up-to-date with further research and implementation of emerging best practices in each of the areas that I have chosen to focus on in this paper.