A nourishing and ideal family is often defined as a safe haven enclosed by invisible walls of love and concern. In such a family, not only can every member gain comfort and get self-esteem back when getting hurt outside, but also he or she can enjoy the warmth and love of the family. Then how to live a harmonious life at home is extremely important. Three ways to solve this problem are as follows. Firstly, do not be closefisted in saying “I love you”.

That is to say, we should be generous to express our affection to our parents, our brothers and sisters as well as our lovers who may be waiting for it.When I was a child, I used to crawl over my father’s long legs, encircle his neck with my arms, and press my mouth against his left ear saying “daddy, I love you so much”. At that moment, I always forgot the pain when his mustache stung into my tender skin. When I ill-treated my neighbor’s dog or drowned mother’s favorite flower, I was apt to get rid of punishment.

As I grow up, I prefer writing “I love you” in a letter to saying it directly. This can be called a conversation from heart to heart and it makes us get closer and closer.Secondly, never ignore anyone’s opinion. That is to say, everyone in the family has the right to express his opinion.

In my family, every member is involved in the decision-making from the color of refrigerator to which university I should go to. Once the result is in suspense, we will vote. Parents and children are equal to decide either trivialities or big events. Democracy and equality contribute to the harmony of the family.

Thirdly, do not make “good kid, bad kid” judgment. That means parents should treat their kids equally.If parents label the kid as bad kid on account of his naughtiness, the kid will lose confidence and courage. What is worse, the kid may think that he is doomed to achieve nothing. In my family, I stand for good kid while my brother stands for bad kid.

He is not interested in the study and has no ambition for the future. I feel very sorry that he even estranges himself from other family members. And my parents are worried about him. Therefore, family’s support and encouragement really do matter.

Above are three ways to solve the problems of family and to keep family warm and happy.