Nowadays, society develops very fast. A human’s life is enhanced and children grow up faster than the past generations.

They can do everything; can learn as soon as they want to be dependent from their parents. For them, life without parents is freedom, paradise. But they don’t know they must face many problems if they live alone and far from their family. So living at home and living away from home have problems that people should understand clearly before they decide what is their next step in their life is. There are advantages and dis advantages for living at home.

You have family beside you, and you usually have dinner that your mother cooked with your family. At that time you can share with your family about everything that happened in your day. But when you live alone, you must cook for yourself and enjoy it alone with your turning on TV. You will miss the moment you stayed with your family that living alone doesn’t have. Besides, you live in your house, you have a private room, you stayed there for a long time, and that is very similar for you.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay money for rent. On the other hand, you must pay rent, and pay other bills every month if you live away from your family.You have to balance everything by yourself. Living away from home gives you more freedom, you can stay up late, wake up late, maybe have breakfast at 2 P.

M or later. But that makes you lazy if you don’t know how to control it. The result is you have less time to study. At home, your parents control your time and you have less freedom, but you don’t have to do all the housework, so you have more time to study.

Another important problem is when you are sick. At home, your mother is the person who takes care of you, cooks for you and gives you medicine on time.In contrast, you are alone, you must cook for yourself when you are very tired, remember to take medicine on time while you only want to sleep. That feeling makes you really want to come back home and lie in your familiar bed and have meals with your parents. However, both living at home and living away from home require you have to have exactly plans for your life.

Although, your parents always help you and show you the way to do everything, you still have to prepare for your future. At that time, it is too weird for you to ask your parents do everything for you.In the case of living away from home, it is necessary for you to control your life. If you don’t have any plans or any purposes for your life, you will lose in your own life, so your life becomes a mess. There are some advantages and disadvantages between living at home and living away from home.

You must to decide very carefully before you want to live away from home. One way makes you more independent and lives the way that you like. But you will really miss your family. Let think about happy moments when you live with your family whenever you prepare to do anything.