Nowadays, people can carry out tasks such as shopping and banking even business transactions without meeting each other face to face.

What are the effects on Individuals and the society? With advanced technology, many businesses have websites that allow people to conduct business, execute deals and finish transactions online, as an alternative to a lengthy commute. Although people are thus free from the constraints of geography and time, there are some consequences of this trend that demand attention. Apart from the advantage of time-saving, online shoppers are likely to pay a heavy rice for It.One of the most negative aspects Is, for Instance, that It alters their social behaviors and habits. It can be expected that being addicted to Internet use. Most of home telecommuters or internet users will become socially isolated.

Poor social life and feeling of loneliness are those problems that are very often found among heavy users. This is also likely that people have become increasingly accustomed to living in the world that appreciates convenience and inactivity, and they do not want to evade those maxims.It gives explanation of why the sedentary lifestyle is now prevailing and why people spend little time on leisure or recreational activities. Besides, they suffer serious loss of vision, back pain and obesity. It is true that many people finally end up with struggling with deteriorating health.

Despite the negative effects, the Internet has its positive implications to the well- being of society. Online shoppers are able to seek out the lowest prices for items or services.Manufacturers, therefore, have to improve product quality and lower price bevels in an effort to in the favor of consumers and secure a stable market share. Telecommuting-working at home using a computer is a solution to traffic congestion, the urban air pollution and petrol use.

As outlined above, people's growing obsession with Internet use such as online shopping or banking has both immediate and long-term impacts on health, social Involvement, lifestyles and emotional well-being. Although it is of great value from a net surfer's perspective, people should step up efforts to minimize the negative effects.